So, after all the fiery fury of the Spoils of War, we expected a calmer episode, and we got one. Eastwatch was all about plot twists and reviving forgotten storylines.

Let us begin with Jaime, who obviously did not drown as some had speculated. Congratulations are in order, it appears. The latest incestuous bastard has been conceived.  Also, madam has forgiven him for meeting with her turncoat brother behind her back. Plus, Bronn has stuck with him despite his claim that their partnership would not survive the fire of dragons.

Cersei sha, is the real deal! Fresh from basically stating that she would rather allow Kingslanding burn than bend the knee, she declares that she was contemplating a strategic truce – for the sole purpose of delaying conflict until she is in a less disadvantageous position. Poor Daenerys! She lacks the guile to effectively battle Cersei. Her mean streak only goes as far as turning people to ashes. And her advisers lack the stomach for true evil.

Tyrion’s “capture a whitewalker” plan caught me entirely by surprise. It never occurred to me that such a venture could be contemplated. I am even mildly surprised that Queen ”Bend the Knee” accepted it. I guess she was wooed by the fact that Drogon allowed Jon to pet him, or was she mellowed by the return of Ser Jorah Friendzone?

To Winterfell, where Agent ”Double 0 Arya” apparently does not realise how formidable an opponent Littlefinger is. Her experiences make it understandable why she wants to behead everyone, but I suspect her angst with Sansa stems from heir childhood when she despised her and her love for the finer things of life. Sansa’s position – her apparent loyalty to Jon, is however understandable, as she understands the need for continual leadership as opposed to vengeance and chastisement.

The new Lord Tarly (we must recognize Sam for what he is, by the virtue of the death of his father and brother, and his having abandoned his calling) is entirely justified in his decision to leave Oldtown. The war effort requires all hand to be at the pump. I wonder if he is headed for Winterfell or the wall, or if the eventual knowledge of the demise of his father and brother will affect the war effort, or turn him against Daenerys. On an aside, Gilly has given us an insight into what happened between Rhaegar and Lyanna Stark – which throw up questions concerning the rightful heir to the Iron Throne…

Welcome back Gendry, who used four seasons to learn how to wield an axe. I confess I was expecting to see him, not because I am good at seeing the paths the writers will take, but because he (Joe Dempsie) showed up at the Los Angeles Training Camp of Manchester United while they were on tour. I had no idea however, how he was going to affect the story. The “my dad and your dad were pals” chemistry was pleasing to see, though. Bar Ser Davos, the last person Jon appeared to have such a rapport with was Sam.

Not too many people died in this episode, just the Tarlys and the egunje collecting guards at Kingslanding (who were dispatched principally to display Gendry’s ability with the hammer). With the whole twist of the whitewalker capture project, I find it difficult to anticipate what battles will come next. I am sure though that the last two episodes will yield at least one major clash – between whom? I know not.

And finally, the strange seven journey into the driving snow on the whitewalker venture. Quite a motley collection – the King of the North; the last surviving Baratheon; the disgraced son of the former Lord Commander, survivor of greyscale and devotee of the Mother of Dragons; the leader of the Wildings; the Hound; and his two brothers without banners – one a serial ressurector, and the other a drink loving outcast of the house of Mormont. We wish them well, even as we expect that some of them shall die during this undertaking.

Just two more episodes, before we wait another year or longer for our concluding season. We wait with bated breath.

Revue contribution by Noel Orji @noelorji


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