Recap of Game of Thrones S7E1

Recap of Game of Thrones S7E1 by Noel Orji (@noelorji)

And so folks, we come to the end of our season. Winter has come, and we have to wait till April to continue this weekly activity. I shall indeed miss you. So long…

And to think that when I penned these words at the end of last season I had no idea that we were to wait till July! How in Westeros did we survive this long!?

So… in the words of Daenerys… SHALL WE BEGIN?

Arya brings us back with a bang, stoking up the body count by dispatching all the men of the Frey clan while leaving behind the chilling words… “The North remembers”. Her subsequent encounter with Ed Sheeran is quite amusing, particularly with her casual declaration that she is headed to King’s Landing to kill the Queen. I hope she does nothing to Ed and his simple band of ostensibly harmless soldiers. A pity that she is still bent on vengeance. I am really looking forward to a Stark reunion… what with Bran the babalawo having arrived Castle Black…

Speaking of babalawos, who would have thought the Hound would become one? I must confess that he is one character that continues to surprise me. It is obvious that he will be key in the battle against the army of the dead, with the Brotherhood without Banners apparently committed to that cause. Admittedly, we do need all hand to come to the pump. The sight of the giant and the other undead appearing through the mist was a scary one, and while our early predictions were that we will not fitness the final onslaught until next season, we cannot avoid feeling apprehensive.

Next to Winterfell, where we see the first signs of disquiet rearing between Jon and Sansa, as she realizes that power only resides with the King, and that she is at best an adviser. We sympathize with her though, as her experiences have taught her that honour and trust are very costly sentiments. She does well subsequently to put Littlefinger down as he attempts to insidiously gain control of her. Imagine asking if she is happy? Happy ko, ecstatic ni! Someone has lost nearly all her family, been in a couple of trauma laded marriages and relationships, has potential wars to the North and South and you are asking if she is happy? A word of caution to Sansa though… an unhappy Littlefinger is a very, very dangerous thing. Brienne may not be sufficient to keep her safe if her turns against her.

Still on the Sibling track, we move to Kings Landing where Queen Cersei prepares for war. Jaime has good cause to be afraid of her, even though he deflects when she asks him if he is afraid of her. The arrival of Euron Greyjoy and his thousand ships is definitely a cloud in his horizon – what with Euron’s darkly amusing suggestion that Cersei should try killing a sibling. Jaime is obviously endangered, though his military prowess will be required in the coming wars and as such he has a definite stay of execution. Euron’s promise to bring back a gift to Cersei to convince her to marry him creates an interesting subplot. Let’s see where that leads…

Poor Samwell! So much for meister training. I was gagging while watching him go about his daily duties. Did they have to show us so much of it? Yuck!!! I must admit it was quite funny though. Sam is just one of those characters who is constantly oppressed by others. His importance still becomes obvious though, as his nocturnal studies reveal that Dragonstone could be a veritable source of dragon glass. Why do I feel that all this is being set up to ensure that Jon and Daenerys meet soon?

And finally to Dragonstone, to the homecoming of Daenerys and her loyal band. The scene is almost entirely wordless but the feeling come across. And underline the entire theme of this first episode… a gathering, a foundation laying of potentially combustible elements. The pieces in the chess board are being set, and we can look forward to a season full of drama, and mind-blowing combat as the trailers have already revealed. I feel quite fulfilled and can only wait till Monday. It was a delight seeing some of my favourite characters again, even the less important ones (Lyanna Mormont, Ser Davos and Tormund, yeah).

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Recap by Noel @noelorji

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