Recap of Game Of Thrones S7E3 - THE QUEEN’S JUSTICE

So it is established… Everything in Season 7 happens with a bang. Maybe it is because we have only 7 episodes that so much happens in each one.

We land at Dragonstone, where we are treated to a series of repartees between Jon and Tyrion, Jon and Daenerys, and Mellisandre and Varys. There is almost too much to narrate, so I will just point out that the exchanges were interesting and somewhat funny (Jon’s lack of titles for instance, and particularly the Jon/Tyrion’s encounter on the cliff). The exchanges however amplify the general nobleness of the characters. We accept that no one in GOT is entirely good or entirely evil, but we have the “nicer” and the “badder” guys, and this group is largely made up of the former, which is not necessarily a good thing considering the present state of the war for the Iron Throne. A little sprinkling of a spice like Littlefinger might do them a bit of good, methinks…

The slight discomfort between Jon and Daenerys might be deliberate, as the writers do not want us to guess as to their eventual relationship. While the gorier minded viewers contemplate an incestuous end, I am more inclined to think that Bran will somehow reveal the secret behind Jon’s parentage to him before too long.

Second set goes to Cersei. Allowing Casterly Rock (which has little more than sentimental value) to be taken by the Unsullied while taking control of a significantly more valuable and strategic Highgarden was a masterstroke – a double masterstroke even – considering that in doing so she has taken out another of Daenerys’ allies. With the Martells and the Tyrells down, the conquest of Westeros becomes even more difficult. All this while she is consolidating her position with the bankers from Braavos, with the added morsel of getting even against Ellaria… one must admire Cersei! In my estimation she is second only to Littlefinger in the Westeros scheming league as Tyrion lacks the pure evil required to dominate consistently. Oleanna even admits before she leaves our screens that she lacks the imagination that Cersei possesses. Her Villainous Majesty indeed! On a related note, I feel no pity for Ellaria. I never forgave her for the murder of innocent Princess Myrcella Baratheon.

Speaking of Littlefinger, his advice to Sansa was simply awesome. If only she can actually take heed, she would enhance her chances of survival and success. And while we are at Winterfell, the Stark Reunion that occurred was not quite the one I expected, and decidedly lacked the warmth is should have had. Bran is obviously more Three-Eyed-Raven than Bran, and Sansa was not the only one with goosebumps regarding his spooky behaviour.  Hopefully Arya will arrive soon, and we can have people truly happy to see each other.

Euron is quite the villain isn’t he? His needling of Jamie was every bit as impressive as his defeat of his kin in the last episode. This is further strengthened by his wiping out of Daenerys’ fleet. Unlike Joffrey and Ramsay that I actually looked forward to their deaths, I must confess that when Euron is eventually dispatched I will miss him. Disgusting fellow though – asking Jamie about Cersei’s preferences!

Speaking of Jamie/Cersei, DSTV was kind enough to spare us their gory intercourse. Jamie’s apparent unwillingness is notable, especially as Oleanna points our subsequently that he still loves Cersei and that she will be the death of him. There has been some reference to the intercourse incident as a rape on social media. I mean, Jamie did say No. This is a potentially inflammatory issue, so I will just let it rest.

Dear Samwell, Conqueror of the dreaded greyscale! Killer of Whitewalkers! (He even has more titles than Jon Snow, Lol). His punishment which is to recopy scrolls can only expose him to more knowledge, which may yet be instrumental to the coming wars. And so Ser Jorah will be headed to Dragonstone to join Daenerys’ loyal band.

Oh yes! The body count still continues to increase, what with the Unsullied taking Casterly Rock, and the Lannisters decimating the Tyrells, not to talk of the apparent deaths of Oleanna and the last surviving sand snake – with Ellaria to follow soon. I look forward to the next battle, as our savage Dothrakis are yet to come into play.

In conclusion, may I say that I feel a bit strange watching Ygritte (Rose Leslie) star in The Good Fight right before GOT comes up on Channel 101? Is it just me? So long folks.

Revue contribution by Noel Orji

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