Review of Game of Thrones S06E07

Revue of Game of Thrones S06E07
How would we describe Episode 7? A congregating? I sincerely believe that we shall have a glorious battle this season, probably in Episode 9 or 10.
First, we welcome back the Hound. Apparently he is so important that we had to have him appear before the theme song as well as bring in Ian McShane to reel him back into the fold. Well, he ends up surviving again after the members of his newfound community are slaughtered, and his final act of grabbing an axe as the scene fades does not bode well for some. Sad to lose Ian McShane after only an Episode. I had quite hoped for more of him.
The Starks are trying to rouse the Northern families to support them against the Boltons, with mixed results. Sansa evidently realizes that it is time to swallow her pride and call on Little Finger and the army at his disposal. It was an entertaining meeting with the Head of House of Mormont. I doubt we will see more of her, even though I wish we could.
Good old Margaery vindicates me, spouting scripture and trying to avoid her conjugal obligations, yet slipping coded messages to her family matriarch.  I am uncertain as to how long the High Sparrow will remain fooled (or if he is even fooled). I quite enjoyed Lady Olenna’s denouncement of Cercei. As you may have guessed, I am not a Cercei fan.
Poor Jamie loses a face-off for the second episode running. First it was against the High Sparrow, and now against Blackfish. He is presently confronted with a siege with an uncertain outcome (even with Bronn at this side).
No Danaerys this episode, with the closest reference being Yara and Theon who now plan to sail to Meeren and offer her a way across the narrow sea to Westeros, reclaiming the Iron Islands in exchange. Considering that their uncle has roughly the same idea, I would advise them to hurry. I salivate at the meeting of all the parties – Euron; Yara and Theon; Tyrion and Varys (with Missandei and Grey Worm); and the returning Danaerys and her Dothraki army. What will be the sequence of events, I wonder?
Ayra proves that her training was incomplete, allowing herself to be ambushed by Waif. We now wait for the deus ex machina that will guarantee her survival.  The actress she refused to kill perhaps? A life for a life?
What does Episode 8 bode for us? More of Bran’s visions? The return of Danaerys? We wait with bated breath.

Review Contribution by Noel Orji (the GoT Don)

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  • Fights, Chaos, Battle, War etc. brewing on many fronts. This is what we live for and what we have been waiting for. E 8, 9 & 10.. Pheew, Can't wait.

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