Review of Game of Thrones S6E06

Revue of Game of Thrones S6E05
And after I had eagerly anticipated some good old hacking in Episode 6, The High Sparrow managed to ensure that I would not be satisfied…
First however, let us welcome back Benjen Stark, whom we had not seen since Season 1. Returning in the nick of time to rescue Meera and Bran was quite dramatic, as was his statement to Bran that he (Bran) would be ready when the Night King would come.
Now back to Kings Landing. I am uncertain as to how to take Margaery’s repentance. Knowing full well that she can be every bit as devious as Cercei, I cannot help but expect that we shall see the old Margaery sometime in the future when we have been lulled into an acceptance of her new found goodness.
Poor Jamie. After his remarkable ride up the stairs he was confronted with his lily-livered, yellow-bellied son (oops, sorry, nephew) spouting balderdash about the Crown and the Faith. And then he gets stripped of his rank and practically exiled! The pains of fatherhood (sorry, uncle hood).   
Off we go to join Danaerys, who reunites with Drogon and whips the Dothraki into a frenzy. I agree with Daario. She is more inclined to conquer and wage war than to rule, as the collapse of government in Meeren proves. If she eventually is successful in taking the iron throne (who would stand in her way? Tommen?), chaos is most likely to ensue.
Sam and Gilly visited the Tarly household – a visit which ended with Sam changing his mind about leaving Gilly and young Sam behind after sustained verbal abuse from his father Randyll. Even though we are quite aware of the courage he displays in certain situations, his action of taking the family sword surprised me. I wonder if there is some significance in that move.
Now to my favourite moment of the episode – Ayra’s realization that she is not quite ready to become a faceless assassin. With Needle back into play, we can safely assume that she is about to return to her journeys. We just have to wait for her to cleave Waif in twain first, as she no doubt will.
I refuse to speak about Walder Frey. I have not yet recovered from the Red Wedding, and shall only speak of him when he gets what’s coming to him!
And that’s all folks.
Review Contribution by Noel Orji (the GoT maestro)
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  • This particular episode pain me sha.. Why can't someone just die already and then another mischief move brew? Them dey waste my time.

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