Revue of Ice Age: Collision Course

Release Date:  July 22, 2016
Genre: Animation/Adventure
Directed By: Mike Thurmeier, Galen T. Chu

The herd is back and they are in big trouble because Scrat has set off a cosmic chain reaction that has sent a meteorite hurling on a collision course with earth which could ultimately wipe out all mammalkind. Everyone must overlook their differences, and stick together to survive this disaster of mammoth proportion.
I know that Manny and his family along with Diego and Sid are supposed to be the main characters of this film but I assure you I went there for one guy only…SCRAT! I am so glad that he had a very important role to play, considering he set off the chain reaction that threatened to kill all earth’s inhabitants. Chasing after his beloved acorn, he was his usual bumbling self but on a grander scale with even grander consequences; I kept waiting for him to make an appearance and each time he appeared, I laughed my butt off.
That being said, other than the scenes involving Scrat, the movie appeared to be struggling to get any real laughs. Other than the laughter Scrat, and Sid’s granny (Wanda Sykes) brought, there were so many characters who were trying too hard to be funny and had no real impact in the movie and the introduction of too many new characters made it even worse.
The movie was made with kids being the primary demographic target, but the storyline which started off  simple suddenly became a little too convoluted and lost the kids…well that is until Scrat arrives to save the day!  Ice Age: Collision Course was kind of underwhelming for me and so it earns a 5.1/10 on my awesome-o-metre.
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  • @t0siiin ice age always makes me laugh but leaves me feeling emotional at the end. I wonder if this did the same.

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