Director : Moses Inwang

Producer : Esther Eyibio

Main Cast : Omotola Jalade Ekeinde, Wale Ojo, Esther Eyibio, Kunle Remy and Emem Inwang

Genre : Thriller/Drama

Release Date : July 21, 2016

Revue of ALTER EGO


Alter Ego is a story of successful law attorney, Ada Igwe (Omotola Jalade), who is focused on seeing all sex offenders in the city, especially child molesters, go to jail. Her fight against sex offenders goes beyond the courtroom if she does not get justice in court. If she can’t get the judges to imprison an offender, she finds other ways to punish the offender. She is a passionate law enforcement agent but that is just one side of her as she has a split personality. The other Ada persona happens to be an extremely sexually active person who does cares about neither time nor place when her sexual urges come to her. In her need for sex, she sleeps with her employees and her brother in-law. Ada meets Timothy, a billionaire and philanthropist who isn’t who she thinks he is and this creates further sub-plots in the movie.


After a 3 year hiatus, Omotola’s returns to star as Ada Igwe, a human right activists was really good, I only had issues with her vocabulary as a lawyer because it was scanty and could have been better. Believe me when I say the only reason people criticized her for her role in this movie was because it was so believable. That is what acting is about- becoming the character. The sensual scenes were quite steamy sha, kudos to her Biko.

Wale Ojo played Timothy and I have to say his acting was spot-on (as always). I didn’t like the soundtrack of the movie and I think a lot of Nigerian movie production teams need to work on their movie soundtracks, It’s very crucial. I also didn’t like the resolution of the movie as seemed a bit to excessive to me.

Moses Inwang , the director of the movie was really creative, the plot twists were crazy and I am impressed however, the court proceedings were not impressive and it was apparent that very little research was put into the roles of the lawyers/judges vocabulary and jargons and standard legal proceedings rules.

All in all it was a decent movie which in its own way tried to draw attention to the social malaise that is sexual molestation and even tries to draw attention to mental health issues.

Do you think the sensual scenes were a little too much or irrelevant especially that brief butt shot? I am curious to hear what you think, so please feel free to leave a comment in the comment section below, or on my social media.

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Revue contribution by Herjia Eliel


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