Revue of Game of Thrones S7E4


Let us start at Dragonstone where Jon offers proof of his white walker theory to Daenerys, in a bid to convince her to commit her armies and dragons to his cause.

The slight discomfort between Jon and Daenerys might be deliberate, as the writers do not want us to guess as to their eventual relationship. While the gorier minded viewers contemplate an incestuous end, I am more inclined to think that Bran will somehow reveal the secret behind Jon’s parentage to him before too long.

So, Ser Davos points out that he has seen Jon staring at Daenerys’ … erm… heart. With our apparent knowledge that they are related, disquieting thoughts of incest come to mind. This was not helped by their intense moments in the cave, which Daenerys destroyed with her fixation with getting Jon to bend the knee.

Meanwhile girls will be girls abi? Daenerys and Missandei talking about the “many things” that happened between her and Greyworm. Even Daenerys was surprised at the raising of a eunuch. Woman sef!

To the battle of the day. After the losses of the Greyjoy fleet and the Tyrell provisions, Daenerys was sorely in need of a victory, and we had anticipated that this would happen when the Dothraki would be let loose. Indeed, we were not disappointed. It was a worthy spectacle. While Drogon, piloted by Daenerys, took a good deal of the shine, the sheer meeting of the two armies was breathtaking. The sight of the Dothraki jumping on their horses like circus performers as they approached the Lannister lines was glorious, as was the savage fighting they displayed. Their singlemindedness was evident for all, what with Bronn’s horse being cut out from under him and his having to use one of them to test the scorpion.

Allow me to welcome Bronn back into the fray. I have always enjoyed his comments and his general attitude towards life. Despite his seeming mercenary nature, his loyalty always shines through. HI is one great soldier though, and it is fitting that he should be the first one to man Q’s scorpion and bring down Drogon. What would Jamie do without him?

And to our body count, the decimation of the Lannister army by Drogon and the Dothraki was quite enjoyable, not because we just love blood and gore, but because we love battles.  As an aside, those who took advantage of the leak kept tweeting about Jamie’s near death – just because he fell into water! Ordinary water!

Jamie sha, is one courageous brother. He obviously realized that killing Daenerys would end the war once and for all and embarked on his Hail Mary charge despite the Drogon threat. Cue in Bronn, again, who might have even gained an assistant saver in the person of Dickon, Sam’s brother (obviously good hearts run in the Tarly family).

And so, we have the next Stark reunion, there is only one left now – Jon and Arya, which, as Sansa points out, will be the most emotional. I do feel sorry for Sansa though. She keeps reuniting with her siblings only to find that they have changed severely. Arya is even better than Babalawo Bran, whose dispatch of poor, loyal, Meera was for me the low point of the episode.

My missus is concerned that Sansa might become jealous of Arya, particularly as she will have to share Brienne’s loyalty, amongst other things. I am not certain I could detect this, but it does give me a feeling of disquiet, as Littlefinger is around to use any opportunity to advance his interests.

We are now more than halfway gone in Season 7. I believe that we can safely expect the issue of the Iron Throne to be concluded before the conclusion of the season, so that we can turn our gaze north, to the impending darkness.

So long folks.

Revue contribution by Noel Orji @NoelOrji


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