Director : Daniel Espinosa

Main Cast : Jake Gyllenhaal, Rebecca Ferguson, Ryan Reynolds

Genre : Sci-Fi/Horror

Release Date : March 22, 2017

Awesome-o-metre : 6.5/10

Revue of LIFE

Not to be confused with the 1991 classic starring Eddie Murphy with the same title, Life is a science fiction movie about a group of 6 scientist aboard the International Space Centre sent to collect a payload from an expedition to Mars. The mission is a success as they find a life form which they begin to study but the rapidly evolving life form isn’t as innocuous as it looks.

From the synopsis of the movie, it’s obvious that this isn’t a novel movie plot a la Alien or Species but in all honesty, movies about aliens with weird physical features trying to enter the mouth of humans are one that creep me out and this started from the day I watched Alien many years ago.

So was this movie any good? Well, Yes and No.

You see, due to the lack of originality of the plot, a lot of the movie was clichéd. The imminent attack on the scientist, their heroics and fight for survival was expected and didn’t offer much. The alien life form isn’t particularly memorable, it looked like kind of a cross between a star fish and an octopus although as it evolved it seemed to get a humanoid face. However, conversely, if you are like me and your skin crawls at the sight of strange looking alien life forms, then you will find this a thrilling experience. There were some scenes that were  grueling and quite scary especially when the alien was crushing the astronauts. Generally, it’s been a while I have seen movies about aliens trying to kill humans that dared venture into their territory, so this movie scratches that itch for me.

One thing I will give to the movie is that the end was really good, I am reluctant to give away any spoilers but just hold on because it’s quite the ride.

But on a serious note, why won’t humans just leave alien life forms alone? I know it’s just a movie but why must our curiosity push us to seek out people/things who may or may not be interested in meeting us? I have heard of NASA probes going to Mars and deep space but let this not be us trying to send ourselves to extinction o. Pardon me, there I go overthinking stuff again.

All you geeks and Sci-Fi heads can just get the movie ticket to see the movie here and skip the queue.

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