Director : Dean Israelite

Main Cast : Elizabeth Banks, Naomi Scott, Ludi Lin, Dacre Montgomery, Bryan Cranston, Naomi Scott and Becky G

Genre : Sci-Fi/Action

Release Date : March 24, 2017

Music Director : Brian Tyler

Awesome-o-Metre : 4.5/10


This remake of the 1990s hit series is about 5 teenagers who happen upon 5 magical coins with powers to morph them into superheroes called Power Rangers. Their town of Angel Grove and the world as a whole is threatened by an alien called Rita (Elizabeth Banks) and it is up to the Power Rangers to overcome their differences and save the planet.

Its morphin time!!!!!! Go! Go!! Go!!! As a kid, this was the clarion call that could take me away from the football pitch and keep me glued to the front of my TV screen, so when I heard there was going to be a new Power Rangers movie, I was super excited so the day it started showing in Nigerian cinemas, I was first in line and I must say, this (to me) is one of the worst Series to Movie reboots I have seen. Let me tell you why;

Firstly, the movie was plain boring. It just kept dragging with basically nothing happening because the producers wanted to give us the background stories for all the Rangers but this left me nodding off because it was unnecessarily long and uninteresting. I know this is supposed to herald the start of the franchise but in all honestly we could all do without the history lessons.

After the long history lesson, we also had to wait for an eternity before the Rangers morphed, at which time I had already fatigued and lost interest. This movie was supposed to tap into our childhood nostalgia to get us to like it but in all honestly, I felt no attachment or nostalgia whatsoever to the movie or even the characters. The closest nostalgic feeling I got was when the original theme was played, but other than that…nothing.

I haven’t said anything about the action sequence, because truly there wasn’t any worth of mention. Even when they morphed into the mega zord, it seemed unpremeditated which took out the bite in that scene. However, the CGI for that particular scene was pretty good and i think that was the highlight of the whole movie.

I am afraid to say this but I think I have outgrown Power Rangers. I never knew a day will come when I will say this but that is the only was I can explain the underwhelming feeling I got from this movie. The movie seemed so flat and so basic and I cannot lie, I was almost moved to tears in disappointment.

You know what? I think the problem is not the movie but me. It’s probable that I had such high expectations and my childhood memories already have me biased so much so that nothing can better the old series. So before you make up your mind, you go see it for yourself and please leave a comment in the comment section below and tell me what you think. You can also holla at me via Twitter or Facebook and let’s talk about it.

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Have a happy Easter celebration!

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  • LOOOOOOOOL! Believe me when I say I never watched Power Rangers as a kid and I got to know them cos they were on every school bag and lunch pack. However, I later on got to see some episodes of, I don’t know if they were the original episodes or re-make, and I just felt they were too out pf touch with reality and childish.
    Nevertheless, I’d hoped that the re-make would be spot-on and close to reality.
    Don’t think I would ever be a Power Rangers’ fan abeg or even bother to queue to see the movie gansef

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