Director : Alex Kurtzman

Producer(s): Kevin Feige, Amy Pascal

Main Cast :Tom Holland, Michael Keaton, Jon Favreau, Zendaya, Donald Glover, Tyne Daly, Marisa Tomei, Robert Downey Jr..

Genre : Fantasy/Action

Release Date : July 7, 2017

Music Director : Michael Giacchino

Awesome-o-metre : 7.3/10


Tom Holland is Peter Parker aka Spiderman a 14 year old who is conscripted by Tony Stark (Downey Jr) into the Avengers. However, Tony feels he isn’t ready and tells him to chill for a while but after tasting fame with the Avengers, Peter is finding it hard to get back to his normal teenage life in school. With the arrival of The Vulture, Peter sees an opportunity to prove that he is ready to become an Avenger.

Spiderman was one of my most anticipated movies of the year specifically because I am huge Spiderman fan and seeing him side by side with Ironman, another favorite character of mine heralds for a juicy mash up…and yes it was all I expected and more. Honestly, I was wary of the Spiderman and Ironman collabo anticipating that Ironman who is a really powerful character might end up overshadowing and overwhelming good ol’ Peter Parker but they pulled it off quite nicely. There wasn’t too much Ironman (or the Avengers) and just enough of Spiderman. Spiderman (Peter Parker) was refreshing and comical and his adventures bellied his young age. I think Tom Holland did a marvelous job portraying our friendly neighborhood Spiderman.

But I must say I wasn’t impressed with Keaton as The Vulture. Something about the character reeks of Goblin. Maybe it’s the contraption that he uses to fly around or the fact that his character was borne out of dissatisfaction with the system. Furthermore, the fact that he didn’t seem villainous was rather underwhelming but I think the idea was just to ease Holland into his new found superhero status, so there was no need to eclipse him with a tough antagonist. But can anyone tell me why Michael Keaton is always a winged character? First he was Batman, then Birdman and now The Vulture? Who knows, he must surface as a Turkey next LOL. By the way, whomever thought of giving the Vulture the fur collared jacket should be given a raise, it was cheesy but appropriate…

Talking about costumes, I have a grouse with Spiderman’s new costume. Maybe I am just a tad bit traditional but I am wary of the new gadgets that have been included in his new suit. I quite like the new design but a talking suit with varying functions is the stuff of Ironman and not Spiderman, because lets be honest, Spiderman is endearing to us because he is just an ordinary kid trying to do good and including the gadgets kinda waters down this feel.

Anyways, I think Spiderman: Homecoming was a really whimsical movie with a lot of humor and childish naivety and innocence by our friendly neighbourhood webslinger. I think Marvel have done a masterful job reinventing a character whom many people thought was done. The choice of Tom Holland was a masterstroke and will surprise many people who thought they couldn’t do better than Toby (who is my favourite Spiderman).

So what are you waiting for, click here and book a seat at cinemas in Nigeria to see Spiderman: Homecoming. While there, look out for the usual easter eggs hidden in the film (especially as regards the Avengers), the habitual after credit scenes and of course, the customary cameo from Stan Lee.

By the way, you can click here to watch my Vlog of Spider-Man Homecoming

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  • Oh well. Michael Keaton loves flying! Lol.

    I’m fine with the awesome o metre rating, I was a bit sceptical initially because Tom is a new kid on the block and you know the overwhelming feeling or pressure that comes with a big role like the Spiderman. He was okay in the Avengers movie, just fair but the homecoming seemed to have found a soft spot with movie critics this time and with you Maveriq, so I can say he did a good job and I just have to see it. Marvel doing their bits this year and wrecking the box office as they wish, is their work anyway: soft work.

    NB: I am so waiting for Black Panther, like I could fast forward to 2018 to see the movie and return.

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