On Saturday the 4th of March 2017, the 5th Africa Magic Viewer’s Choice Awards (AMVCA) ceremony was held at the Eko Hotel & Suites Lagos Nigeria, where deserving African movies were recognized and rewarded. Yours truly was in attendance and here are the top 10 things I learnt at the ceremony.

  1. IK and Minnie are the best hosts in Africa. They were very professional and engaging and kept the ceremony lively.
  1. Nigerians will come late even on the judgment day. The organizers emphasized that the red carpets starts at 4:00 pm, the doors will close at 6:30pm so the ceremony will go live by 7:00pm. Trust my naija people to be arriving even at 9pm, why na?
  1. See ehn, the cost of the makeup that was applied for that ceremony reach to build duplex in Banana Island.  Women cannot be divorced from going over the top in their makeup and attires and throughout the ceremony I kept avoiding lipstick and foundation stains on my suit while tiptoeing to avoid tripping on larger-than-life dresses.
  1. Nigerians like to be associated with success. Immediately someone is announced as the winner of an award, he cannot just go and collect it by himself because all his villagers must follow him to the stage and stand there smiling sheepishly. The thing is so bad that at times, the audience is left struggling to understand who the recipient of the award is. To be honest, I found this quite irritating and even I.K tried to discourage it but them no gree.
  1. The movie producers and the guys behind the scenes are even more dramatic than the actors. It was funny to see producers feign tears and emotion when receiving awards, their antics was humorous and sometimes exasperating.
  1. Nigerians give the worst acceptance speeches. The hosts kept hammering that every recipient has 30 seconds to accept their awards give their thanks and exit the stage but NOOOOOOOO, Nigerians must greet their barber, Uber driver, their aboki and their village headmaster. By the way, no acceptance speech was complete without thanking God…which isn’t a bad thing if we truly meant it. For me sha, Somkele gave the best acceptance speech.
  1. AFRICA. LOVES. JENIFA. I knew she had a huge following but I greatly underestimated her fan base because whenever Funke Akindele’s name was called out, the crowd goes berserk. Oh, I just found out that fans of Jenifa are called Jenifans? I like the pun. Ehen, I have noticed a trend  that we love exaggerated accents in these parts. Dont believe me? Oya, take a look at the comedians making waves recently; Jenifa, Falz, Chi- Girl, Spiff, Helen Paul, Frank Donga and Imeh Bishop. Apparently, we find this brand of comedy funny. Curious.
  1. Fela Kuti and Chika Okpala are legends in music and television.  But I was truly amazed when Chika Okpala revealed that Nkem Owoh was a writer on New Masquerade (an NTA Television series that aired in the early 80s). I have clearly underestimated that guy.
  1. I thought I was in love with Linda Ejiofor until I saw Somkele, because when she said hello to me, my spirit left my body.
  1. Last but not the least, yours truly looks good in a suit.

Overall, the ceremony was  well organized and entertaining but I think the artists that performed were a little muted and lacked real star power because I expected that such a big event could pull some big artists and maybe even some international acts. This is not to take away from Timi Dakolo and Lira who are fantastic artists.

Other than a few hitches here and there including the small accident with the props on the stage, the ceremony was smooth and befitting for Africa by Africans.

With 76 being the biggest winner, here is the full list of the winners on the night!

  • Best Short film – Ogo Okpue – Cat Face
  • Best Sound Track/Original Score Movie/TV Series – Michael ‘The Truth’ Ogunlade – The Encounter
  • Best Sound Editor (Movie/TV Series) – Guy Steer – Vaya
  • Best Picture Editor (Movie/TV Series) – Nnodim Chigozie & Paula Peterson – Oloibiri
  • Best Costume Designer Pat Egwurube – 76
  • Best Make Up Artist (Movie/TV Series) – Hakeem Onilogbo Ajibola/Perekeme Odon – Oloibiri
  • Best Art Director (Movie/TV Series) – Pat Nebo – 76
  • Best Writer Movie/TV Series – Craig Freimond/ Tshabalira Lebakeng/ Anthony Mafela / David Majoka / Madoda Ntuli / Harriet Perlman / Robbie Thorpe – Vaya
  • Best Cinematographer (Movie/TV Series) – Lance Gewer – Happiness Is A Four Letter Word
  • Best Lighting Designer (Movie/TV Series) – Elliot Sewape – 93 Days
  • Best Documentary – Uga Carlini – Alison
  • Best Actor In A Drama – David Jones David
  • Best Actress In A Drama – Meg Otanwa
  • Best Drama – Tinsel
  • Best Actress In A Comedy – Deborah Anungwa
  • Best Actor In A Comedy – Samuel Ajibola
  • Best Comedy – The Johnsons
  • Best Movie (South Africa) – Elvis Chuks – All About Love
  • Best Movie (East Africa) – Sarika Hemi Lakhani – Kati Kati
  • Best Movie (West Africa) – Rogers Ofime – Oloibiri
  • Best Television Series – Funke Akindele – Jenifa’s Diary
  • Best Indigenous Language Movie Or TV Series – Swahili – Daudi Otieno Anguka – Zili Zala
  • Best Indigenous Language Movie Or TV Series – Igbo – Crey Ahanonu – Amonye-Bu-Onye
  • Best Indigenous Language Movie Or TV Series – Hausa – Tijjani Shehu Yahaya – Yaki Da Zuciya
  • Best Indigenous Language Movie Or TV Series – Yoruba – Abiodun Jimoh, Jumoke Odetola – Somewhere In The Dark
  • Best Actor In A Comedy Movie/TV Series – Imeh Bishop Umoh – The Boss Is Mine
  • Best Actress In A Comedy Movie/TV Series Funke Akindele – Jenifa’s Diary
  • Best Actor In A Drama Movie/TV Series – Sambasa Nzeribe – Slow Country
  • Best Actress In A Drama Movie/TV Series – Rita Dominic – 76
  • Best Supporting Actor In A Drama Movie/TV Series – Rotimi Salami – Just Not Married
  • Best Supporting Actress In A Drama Movie/TV Series – Ebele Okaro Onyuike – Four One Love
  • Best Director (Movie) – Izu Ojukwu – 76
  • Best Overall Movie – Adonijah Owiriwa / Izu Ojukwu – 76

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