TV Series Review : National Geographic’s MARS – S1 E1

Revue of National Geographic’s TV Series: MARS 

Air Date: November 13, 2016

Genre: Documentary/ Sci-Fi
Directed By: Everardo Gout
National Geographic have produced a 6 part event series set in 2033, when the Daedalus is sent on the first manned mission to Mars. In this first episode, the crew led by Ben Sawyer (Ben Cotton) are in peril when their landing gear fails upon approach to the red planet.
The series is shot as a documentary with commentaries by NASA scientists and Mars aficionados like Neil DeGrasse Tyson, James Lovell and even Space X’s Elon Musk whose commentaries are placed alongside the fictional movie to give it a more realistic feel. I expected a movie with a different direction but I was a bit disappointed with the feel of the movie which seemed rather dowdy and cliche. I anticipated that with all the resources at the disposal of NatGeo, they were going to tell us something we didn’t already know but it was just the same old story.
However, the CGI was pretty impressive. The graphics deployed in the takeoff and landing of Daedalus was striking and even the landscape of the red planet which though was like every depiction of Mars was imposing.
Oh, by the way I was proud when I saw that the movie featured a Nigerian character called Robert who was portrayed by Sammi Rotibi the crew’s mechanical engineer. That’s a good thing for us Nigerians…I think.
Generally, I enjoyed watching the series even though it seemed like a huge publicity for Space X and Elon Musk it was both entertaining and educating. I am looking forward to seeing the next episode showing on DStv channels 180 and 181.
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