Director : Moses Inwang

Producer : Moses Inwang

Starring : Ramsey Nouah, Chioma “Chigul” Omerua, Sola Sobowale, Monalisa Chinda, Desmond Elliot, Kunle Afolayan, Funnybone, Mr Patrick, Bryan Okwara and Ireti Doyle

Genre : Comedy/Thriller

Release Date : May 25, 2018

Awesome-O-Metre : 4.0/10


Crazy People stars Ramsey Nouah as himself- an actor on the trail of an imposter who is pretending to be him and taking all his jobs. Ramsey along with his trusty manager (Chigurl Omerua), then go on a humorous quest to bring down this imposter and reclaim Ramsey’s career

It was refreshing to see an actor take on a role playing himself in a movie because that’s not something we have seen in Nollywood. However, when I saw the poster of the film, I actually expected a film similar to Dangerous Twins a film that coincidentally starred Ramsey. Such films are usually for directors who want to show off their camera skills by getting one actor to play 2 roles. But when the film started I was relieved to find out that this wasn’t the direction of Crazy People.

My relief however was short-lived because it was replaced with another disappointment. This time my dissatisfaction was that the film which was supposed to be suspenseful had a plot that was so obvious that Stevie Wonder could see it from a mile away. I don’t want to give much away but the name of the film is literally EVERYTHING about the film. I have always complained that many Nollywood films haven’t mastered the art of holding the audience spellbound till the end and this film is another example at subpar story telling.

Furthermore, for a film that was sold as a comedy, there really wasn’t much to laugh about. Chigurl is one of my favorite comediennes but her role was quite muted. Ramsey showed us why he is a veteran in the industry but quite honestly, even he couldn’t save this film from being a snooze fest. Throwing all the celebs and popular faces didn’t do much to lift this film either.

I must note however that the production of the film was quite decent but I think it’s about time that Nollywood stops priding themselves with high quality productions as this should be the standard and not the exception. Honestly, the end of Crazy People couldn’t have come sooner- I don’t mean that the suspense was too much, I mean that the film needed to end sooner so I could go home and cry. Even the attempt to shoehorn some moral lessons into the climax of the film fell flat on its face.

Other than the production of Crazy People, there really wasn’t much Joy in the film but if you want to go see it, please click HERE to get your discounted movie tickets and afterwards leave your comment in the comment section below or on my Twitter or Facebook page and let me know what you think about Crazy People.

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