Director : Charles Uwagbai

Producer :  Toyin Aimakhu

Starring : Toyin Abrahan, Samabasa Nzeribe, Racheal Okonkwo, Lasisi Elenu, Femi Adebayo, Josh2funny, Chioma Akpotha, Bobrisky, Dele Odule and Chiwetalu Agwu

Genre : Drama/Comedy

Release Date : May  25, 2018

Awesome-O-Metre : 4.0/10


At first, I thought The Ghost And The Tout was a sequel to “Banana Island Ghost” however, my research showed that it wasn’t a sequel but an original. Its originality however didn’t extend to…but aren’t the plot of most movies nowadays? The Ghost And The Tout was very reminiscent of The Banana Island Ghost where a man dies in a car related incident and he has to work with an “unconventional” kind of woman to find justice in a very funny way .

The way the movie started bad, but in all fairness started getting better a little later on. However, the first 30 minutes of the movie had nothing to do with the plot with some irrelevant scene about some kids that stole a guys towel.  Also, That IPhone brouhaha scene should have been left out of the movie….It would have been a more functional as a post-credits scene if the director really wanted it to be in the movie. In summary, I had seen most of the jokes in the movie on twitter or somewhere similar.

45 long minutes in we finally get to meet the ghost. I also feel they should have focused more on his relationship with his wife to draw a bigger emotional impact because i didn’t feel anything when Toyin Abraham’s character was helping him communicate with his wife and it was more funny than touching.

One reason why I liked the Banana Island Ghost was that It did well to explain the purpose of the ghost. But this movie just showed us a ghost…we don’t know who sent him or what he can do, we just know that he is a Ghost.

The movie also sacrificed some serious moments to get some cheap laughs out of the audience. During the final act when Femi Adebayo’s character wanted to “delete” the wife.  I was finally expecting some action, but a very anti-climactic thing happened with his gun and it was very disappointing.

One area they did justice to was the interaction between Toyin Abraham’s character and the ghost before she actually found out he was a ghost, Everyone thought she was mad and it was hysterical. I also didn’t buy the fact that the ghost was killed because of money…okay, it was because of greed, but i feel they could have done better in that aspect or given the antagonist a bigger story if they wanted to portray him as greedy

Overall, i think the casting choices were excellent, except the unnecessary characters which were only there for marketing purposes. Not to hate on the LGBT community, but Bobrisky’s character had no business in that movie.  Whatever they were trying to say with his character wasn’t clear at all. They tried to cram in as many famous people as they could for extended cameos “Josh2funny, Cute Abiola, Lasisi Elenu, Oshisko Twins, Iya Ibadan, Saheed Osupa and others…for marketing purposes of course”.

Other than that, i think everyone was great.   I could feel the desperation of The Ghost, the pain of his wife, the initial confusion of Toyin Abraham’s character and so on. I believe it’s safe to say that acting in this movie was excellent


The Ghost and The Tout is full of plot holes, forced comedy but with okay storytelling. This movie had a lot of potential- It had the budget, it was anticipated, it had the names but, No.

Revue Contribution by Tomisin @NoBias7

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