Director : Dean Devlin

Producer(s) : David Ellison, Dean Devlin and Dana Goldberg

Starring: Gerard Butler, Ed Harris, Andy Garcia, Abbie Cornish, Adepero Oduye and Jim Sturgess

Genre : Sci-Fi

Release Date : October 20, 2017

Awesome-O-Metre : 6.5/10


The world is threatened by severe weather but when the network of satellites designed to control the global climate start to attack Earth, Jake Lawson (Gerard Butler) who built the system must find a way to stop the attacks before a Geostorm wipes out the Earth.

It has been a while since we saw any disaster movies. San Andreas (starring the Rock) was the last I saw so I was first in line to go see this film…in IMAX and believe me when I say it was a spectacle. Everyone knows that disaster films are merely to satisfy our CGI thirst and not for the plot so you will need to brace yourself for clichéd plot and clichéd and rather shallow characters who don’t really have any real charisma.

Please permit me to digress to note that for once we have a Hollywood blockbuster with a Nigerian character who plays a fairly prominent role and that role isn’t as a terrorist or a scammer. I was excited to see a real Nigerian- Adepero Oduye as one of the crew on the international space station with the Nigerian badge prominently displayed on her uniform, but of course she had to have a “Nigerian accent” which I didn’t really care much for, but at least she is Nigerian…and female.

By the way, I did notice the subliminal message in Geostorm where the producers tried to express their dissent about America’s position on climate change in this Trump era. I think this is a good way to pass the message, but I don’t think Trump is listening.

Because of the CGI fest rather than the plot or characters, I will recommend Geostorm (especially in IMAX 3D) so click HERE and get cheap movie tickets to go see it and then hit me up on Twitter Instagram or Facebook and let me know what you think.

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