Director :James Mangold

Producer(s) : Hutch Parker, Simon Kinberg and Lauren Shuler Donner

Main Cast : Hugh Jackman, Patrick Stewart, Richard E. Grant, Boyd Holbrook, Stephen Merchant and Dafne Keen

Genre : Sci-Fi/Action

Release Date : March 3, 2017

Awesome-O-Metre : 8.0/10

Revue of LOGAN

Inspired by the comic book Old Man Logan by Mark Millar and Steve McNiven, Logan is the concluding installment of the Wolverine series and is set in 2029 where an aging Charles Xavier (Patrick Stewart) and Logan (Hugh Jackman) and Caliban (Stephen Merchant) are hiding out in the Mexican desert. While at his job as a chauffeur, Logan meets a nurse who hires him to sneak her and Laura (a little girl who we later find out is Logan’s daughter) across the border to “Eden” away from an organization called Transigen that wants Laura at all costs.

Of all the 3 installments in the Wolverine series, this is my absolute best but surprisingly, it’s not for the usual reason. We all watch Wolverine because we want to see him kick butt and stab people with his sharp claws and there was not a lack of that in this installment. What caught my eye however, is that this episode had heart. We have never seen Wolverine as vulnerable as we see him here because he seems to be losing his regenerative capability and he endures a lot of pain.

Oh, you guys need to look out for the father-daughter tag team fight, it was oh so beautiful! That girl took after her father and I can’t wait to see her in subsequent episodes. Hmm one thing I am wondering is – if she is the female Wolverine, do we call her Wolverienne? Whatever we call her, I think her character holds a lot of promise and I look forward to seeing her and all the other new characters who will make up the new school of mutants.

One life lesson I took away from Logan is that we all get old whether we like it or not and we will find out that we may no longer be able to do things that we used to effortlessly do. Also, I recognized that life will throw responsibilities at you and what matters is how you handle these issues. You can choose to either cower from them or face them headlong and in the process, build your character.

This is a befitting end of an era and I am indeed sad to see Hugh Jackman relinquish the role of Wolverine, a role he has owned for about 17 years. C’est la vie. One thing I am pleased about is that Logan went out on a high note accompanied by deafening applause.

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