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Revue of Amina

Release Date: November 5, 2021 (Netflix)

Genre: Drama

Directed By: Izu Ojukwu

Cast: Lucy Ameh,Ali Nuhu,Clarion Chukwura, Magaji Mijinyawa and Nuhu,Lucy

Awesome-o-metre : 4/10

I remember when I saw the trailer for this movie I was excited. I am a fan of Nigerian epics, and then throw in a female hero? I am sold. Nigeria is full of beautiful untold history and folklore and I am always very supportive and partial to movie producers who tap into this resource.

This was my mindset when I settled in to watch the movie Amina. A movie that tried to tell the story of the famous Queen Amina of Zazzau who led and ruled in the North at a time when no woman dared to. The story was spiced with a few plot twists here and there, that portrayed her as a great but flawed heroine.

The cinematography was amazing and when I mentioned this to a friend, he reminded me that the movie was actually directed by the super talented Izu Ojukwu same person who directed the movie 76. This was the best part of the movie, everything else was sub-par.

The costumes were abysmal, the north is blessed with a rich cultural heritage and we all know how their traditional outfits look like, rather they dressed the actors in rags. Weird looking raggedly clothes that looked like mix-match between Indian and Arabian outfits.

The acting was poor, which is shocking because there were quite a good number of talented performers there; from Clarion Chukwura,Ali Nuhu,Lucy Ameh and Magaji Mijinyawa. I feel they found it hard to interpret their roles, probably from poor direction? Or a poorly written script? It would have been great to have a few phrases in Hausa thrown around, here and there for authenticity. The music was weird and vaguely sounded Arabic. I did not get the feeling that I was watching a movie based on northern history

The scene transition was terrible too, they didn’t flow well into one another. One minute you are here the next you are seeing something totally unrelated. It was very hard to follow the story; I was confused infact all of us watching it were confused. The story was poorly told, many parts didn’t just add up.

For a story with such a massive potential this movie didn’t do any justice to it. I was underwhelmed and felt I wasted over 90 minutes of my time. I was bored and had to really push through to complete the movie.

This is one review I feel unhappy writing, as I really wanted it to be fantastic movie. I was rooting for it.

Amina is still showing on Netflix so you can check it out and make up your own mind. When you do see it, please feel free to leave a comment below or on Twitter or Facebook !

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Revue of The Tomorrow War

Release Date: July 21, 2021 (Amazon Prime)
Genre: Sci-Fi
Directed By: Zach Dean
Produced By: David Ellison, Dana Goldberg, Don Granger, Jules Daly, David S. Goyer and Adam Kolbrenner
Cast: Chris Pratt, Yvonne Strahovski, J. K. Simmons, Betty Gilpin, Sam Richardson and Edwin Hodge

Awesome-o-metre: 6.0/10

During the broadcast of the World Cup, soldiers from the year 2051 arrive to warn that humanity is on the brink of extinction due to a war with alien invaders referred to as the "Whitespikes." The Whitespikes will arrive in November 2048 and kill most humanity within three years after their arrival. In response, the world's militaries (including Chris Pratt, an ex- military guy who is currently a biology teacher) are sent into the future to fight the Whitespikes.

Without a doubt The Tomorrow War is my best film (so far) for this year 2021 and that is largely due to the novel plot. I mean, coming from the future to take soldiers to fight in a war that happens in the future is so cool. Although, the question will be asked as to what is at stake for the present when the future is already pre-determined, but that is another conversation all together.

Another thing I liked with The Tomorrow War is the design of the aliens which are super creepy and kinda reminded me of the creatures from Skull Island. The CGI is top notch and this is not unrelated to the fact that The Tomorrow War was originally set for theatrical release but due to the Covid-19 pandemic, Amazon bought the rights and released it on their platform.

Chris Pratt did a great job carrying the film which he did effortlessly. His performance reminded me of his Jurassic World and his performance is entertaining and keeps the film fun and entertaining. Talking about humor, the character and performance of Sam Richardson is entirely unnecessary because his wit seemed forced and almost felt like he was transplanted from another film and dropped into this. I guess the producers were looking for another witty outlet other than Chriss Pratt, but this just wasn’t it.

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The Maveriq

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Revue of Cruella

Release Date: May 28, 2021 (Nigeria)
Genre: Comedy
Directed By: Craig Gillespie
Produced By: Andrew Gunn, Marc Platt and Kristin Burr
Cast: Emma Stone, Emma Thompson, Joel Fry, Paul Walter Hauser, Emily Beecham, Kirby Howell-Baptiste and Mark Strong

Awesome-o-metre : 6/10

Disney’s Cruella follows the story of Estelle (Emma Stone) a talented but rebellious kid with a knack for fashion designing who upon the death of her mother, joins a duo of thieves to make ends meet. However, when she befriends fashion legend Baroness von Hellman (Emma Thompson), she embraces her wicked side to become the raucous and revenge-bent Cruella De-Vil.

You guys remember that villain from 101 Dalmatians who wants to skin puppies and make a coat? Well, since Maleficent made so much money, Disney decided that she may as well also have her own original story. I had my doubts as to how they planned to weave the story to make us root for a villainous character like Cruella and I must admit that they did a good job…however I wasn’t convinced. That they pitted her against a more wicked antagonist doesn’t make her a good person, just a less wicked one. So, NO, I am not team Cruella.

Cruella is set in 1970s London, and the choice of music, the costume and the set of were so detailed and well-done. That to me is the highlight of this live action adaptation.
There has been so much talk of Emma Stone’s performance as the titular character, and I agree that she did an amazing job. She was like a mash of Jack Sparrow and the Mad Hatter. This may be the conspiracy theorist in me, but I feel that the undertone in this film is to draw attention to bi-polar people. How else can one explain the dual-colored hair and the dual personality? Maybe I am over thinking this sha.

Cruella is deliciously wicked, but unnecessarily lengthy. It’s still in cinemas, so make sure you give it a watch and when you do, please feel free to leave a comment below or

on Twitter or Facebook !

The Maveriq

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Release Date: May 14, 2021 (Netflix)Genre: HorrorDirected By: Zack SnyderProduced By: Deborah and Zack SnyderCast: Dave Bautista, Ella Purnell, Omari Hardwick, Ana de la Reguera, Theo Rossi, Matthias Schweighöfer and Nora Arnezeder Awesome-o-metre : 4/10 When Los Vegas is overrun by zombies, Tanaka, a shady casino owner hires a group of mercenaries led by…
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Director :  Zack Snyder

Producer(s) : Deborah Snyder, Charles Roven

Starring  : Ben Affleck, Gal Gadot, Ezra Miller, Henry Cavill, Ray Fisher, Jason Mamoa, Julian Lewis Jones

Release Date: March, 18th 2021

Genre : Superhero/Action

Awesome-O-Metre : 8/10

I was totally skeptical about the Snyder Cut because I was thoroughly heartbroken from the Josstice League (Joss Whedon's Justice League). It's really heart wrenching for a superhero fan such as myself to see his face being shamefully represented on the big screen. I'm glad to say, the Snyder Cut was a massive win for me.

This 4 hour long movie was something of magnet to me. You get attracted to it and you don't even realise that 4 hours have gone by. It's scary when you hear how long the movie is but once you start, you get sucked in and you only get released at the end.

A lot of people say they don't see much difference in the plot, that it is just a longer version of the Josstice League but I call bullshit. Snyder's Cut took its time (some unnecessary though as I will soon point out) and ensured it developed it's characters to be relatable and understood. This made the plot infinitely richer and enjoyable. It's one thing to want to do a dark movie, it's another to explain to the audience why it is dark. And this movie did both.

One of the characters that greatly benefited from this movie was the Cyborg and in this case I mean both the actor and the character. Cyborg's back story showed exactly why he was moody and sad. It also gave motivation for why he didn't wanna be in the Justice League at first. It also showed he (Ray Fisher) was a great actor with a large range.
Steppenwolf was also shown as a disgraced general who was trying hard to get back to the good graces of his master, Darkseid.

While there are many positives in this movie, I still feel there were issues with it and the issues with the foundation were still glaring (afterall, it wasn't a new movie per se). One of the foundation issues is consistency with the comics. For example, when did Batman, master of logic and planning start to rely on "faith". Not that faith is a bad thing but that isn't the Batman we've known. Also, why are Wonder Woman and Aquaman so weak compared to Superman? We know Superman is the strongest but both of them couldn't even hold down Steppenwolf while Superman basically tosses him around like a rag doll. In the comics, Diana (Wonder Woman) isn't that far from Superman in base strength but in this movie, she doesn't even come close to his left hand.

Another issue I had are the overuse of slow motion effect and unnecessary scenes. It's almost like every 20minutes, there's slow motion somewhere. A typical case of this is with Aquaman. Everytime he is near water, slow motion. We get it, he's hot. No need to amplify it everytime. And the guy must have a boutique of vests because anytime he comes to the surface, he's wearing a vest which he promptly tosses aside once he wants to swim. I mean, is his supply of vests infinite?

More seriously are the unnecessary scenes. One of which is the Manhunter posing as Clark's mother to get Lois to go back to work. It does nothing for the plot and doesn't even make sense. Someone may argue that it was this that made her go out that day and save  Batman from being crushed by Superman but it was shown earlier in the movie that she does that every day. I also feel Wheddon's interpretation of the Lois saving Batman as Batman's contingency plan is way better than what happened in Snyder's Cut.
Another is Aquaman saving a man that was sure to sink with his boat. It wasn't necessary. We've already been told earlier that he helps and save the people.
Yet another is Alfred teaching Diana how to make tea. Why did we need to see this? I bet that if all the slow motion and unnecessary scenes were removed, an hour could have been shaved from the movie.

But after all that has been said and done, the movie was fun. There was alot of action (Batman really showed those para-demons), the flash added some nerdy humour and even though the movie is 4 hours long, I will definitely watch it again. It's that good. It's a solid 8/10 for me.

Zack Snyder’s Justice League has started streaming on HBO, so you can check it out  and let me know what you think by sounding off in the comment section below or on Twitter or Facebook !

Revue by Eben Asagbra

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Revue of Coming 2 America

Coming 2 America is the sequel to the 1988 classic and is set in the lush and royal country of Zamunda, newly-crowned King Akeem (Eddie Murphy) and his trusted confidante Semmi (Arsenio Hall) embark on an all-new hilarious adventure that has them traversing the globe from their great African nation to the borough of Queens, New York – where it all began

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Citation is losely based on real events and follows the story of a bright and beautiful post graduate student

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Revue of ÒLÒTŪRÉ

The Kenneth Gyang directed and Ebony Life produced Òlòtūré follows the story of Ehi (Sharon Ooja) an investigative journalist who goes undercover to infiltrate a prostitution ring and gets sucked into the dark world of human trafficking.

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Abba Makama's The Lost Okoroshi follows the story of Raymond (Seun Ajayi), a disillusioned security guard who is haunted by dreams of an ancestral Okoroshi masquerade. He wakes up one morning to find himself transformed into a mute, purple spirit and goes on an adventure in the sprawling city of Lagos.

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