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Review of Game of Thrones S06E09

  Revue of Game of Thrones S06E09   Finally, we get the battle we’ve been craving. The bastards clash in a Lord of the Rings-esque encounter.   But wait… before that we were treated to another battle – the siege of the Pyramid at Meereen by the slave masters, and the Terms of Surrender negotiations,…
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Review of Game of Thrones S06E08

  Revue of Game of Thrones S06E08     “A girl is Arya Stark of Winterfell, and I’m going home”   So finally, Arya finds herself. Not that we are surprised. We had never expected the outspoken, headstrong Arya to become a faceless assassin. After treating us to a Marvel Universe worthy chase through the…
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Review of Game of Thrones S06E07

  Revue of Game of Thrones S06E07     How would we describe Episode 7? A congregating? I sincerely believe that we shall have a glorious battle this season, probably in Episode 9 or 10.   First, we welcome back the Hound. Apparently he is so important that we had to have him appear before…
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Review of Game of Thrones S6E06

  Revue of Game of Thrones S6E05     And after I had eagerly anticipated some good old hacking in Episode 6, The High Sparrow managed to ensure that I would not be satisfied…   First however, let us welcome back Benjen Stark, whom we had not seen since Season 1. Returning in the nick…
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Review of Game of Thrones S6E05

  Revue of Game of Thrones S6E05     And just like that, we are already halfway through the season. How sad.   After last week’s incidents, I had somewhat expected Episode 5 to be quiet. It ended up being quite revealing, and has given an insight into the things to expect. Other things however, have continued…
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Review of Game of Thrones S6E04

    Revue of Game of Thrones Season 6 Episode 4     All Hail the Great Mother of Dragons! The Unburnt!   Yes!!! Danaerys reminds us why she is a major character in the series. Does she remind us!!! Who are the Dothraki?!!! Who dem be?!!! I cannot imagine that I referred to her…
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Review of Game of Thrones, S6E3

  Revue of Game of Thrones, Season 6 Episode 3     Well, Episode 3 seems to leave some questions unanswered. Again, people die… It’s GOT. People will always die. But let’s go back to the beginning….   Jon immediately disappoints us (and Melisandre) by stating that he saw nothing when he was dead. Oh…
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Review of Game of Thrones S6E2

  Revue of Game of Thrones S6E2.   And so things begin to heat up in Episode 2…   First, more people die!!!!! It’s GOT. People will always die. Melisandre allow us end the episode with a gasp, literally, after some faithless ones among us had given up. Poor Jon Snow. First his brothers stab…
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Review of Game of Thrones Season 6 Episode 1

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And after over 9 months of waiting, we get our first taste of GOT Season 6. Finally, we can put the “Winter is Coming” memes to bed and move on with life.
GOT Season 6 is special in that it has gone beyond the books, so there is absolutely no way to tell what would come next (except you are President Obama, I hear). For this reason it was widely, and highly, anticipated. Which is probably why some might feel that Episode 1 was a letdown. But really, what did we expect, other than the resurrection of Jon Snow, that is?
Episode 1 basically brings us up to date with our characters. Daenerys meets her captor and discovers what is to be her fate; Arya begins her sightless life, and yet continues her training; Sansa (and Theon) reunite with Brienne; Cercei learns of her daughter’s death; The High Sparrow still holds Margaery captive; Tyrion and Varys ponder on governance; Davos and his men contemplate their next actions; Melisandre reveals… well, reveals; and – It is GOT – people die. People always die.
So in all, Episode 1 doesn’t reveal much, other than the power shift in Dorne and Melisandre’s revelation. We are still coasting along, and can only look forward to the coming episodes. On the bright side, we still have characters like Bran and the dragons to look out for, so it’s not all doom and gloom.
That said, let’s wait for Episode 2 – without bated breath.
Review contribution by Noel Orji
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