First off guys, I am sorry this is coming this late (especially for those watched the leaked version). I have simply been unable to get down to it.

For this reason, this should be less of a recap and more of a precap of the final episode of the season. Haha.

Social media has been agog about the speed of events, with two opposing camps – those who are upset that Gendry shattered Usain Bolt’s records (in a long-distance race nonetheless) and that ravens and dragons fly at the speed of bomber jets; and those whose are upset that the earlier set are upset, because afterall, it is a show about dragons and people impervious to fire and people rising from the dead…

Then there was an interview where George R. R. Martin apparently confessed that he does not watch the series, and everybody went … ahhhhh.

So, let us not dwell on improbable timelines, while we agree that George R. R. has left the story to the producers, and it is now all about pleasing us, the viewers.

Let us not dwell on a group that we called suicidal returning nearly complete and our dear Jon Snow justifying his surname by falling into a frozen lake and still surviving, rescued by his undead uncle and braving a ride to the wall.

Let us simply confess that we are thoroughly enjoying the series, and that we are traumatized as we contemplate another year, or more without GOT. This feeling is the actual winter that has befallen us (sad smiley).

So, what are we to expect now? The Night King has evened the odds with the killing and turning of Viserion (or should we now call him Icerion?). Suddenly, it is not clear cut how Jon and Dany and whoever joins them will win the war, as we had always considered the dragons their trump card. At least there is still hope – the dragon glass being mined by Jon’s men.

The other notable happening in the episode is the deepening of the strife between Arya and Sansa, with Littlefinger fanning it on. There were some chilling moments where Arya managed to convince some of us that she would harm her sister. Unfortunately, Sansa is basically turning to Littlefinger as he had planned all along, and she seems the only one blinded to his deviousness.

Well, let’s look at the final episode. Obviously, there is going to be another war, as the trailer reveals, and the Jon and Dany meet Cersei for the ceasefire talks (I am not sure how to reconcile the talks and the battles). Also, the episode is titled “The Dragon and the Wolf” which suggests the Targaryens and the Starks. Or could it be about the unification of fire and ice in Jon? Well, we shall find out in the nearly eighty minutes for the final episode, before our long winter of waiting commences.

So long folks.

Recap by Noel Orji (@norji)

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