Recap of Game of Thrones S7E2

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So… Episode 2 begins somewhat swifter than I expected. War is looming, and we jump straight into battle plans.

The plans are however riddled with philosophical posturing, with Daenerys questioning the loyalty of her followers, particularly Varys – who regales us with statements about the supremacy of the people blah blah blah. Truth is, I like Varys, but Daenerys has good cause to distrust him. Indeed, everyone in the Cersei Haters’ Club has their agendas, some not so hidden. Tyrion even, whose plans to sack Casterly Rock must have surprised many around the table, cannot be expected to solely focused on Daenerys’ queenship. His hatred for his sister still burns, and we can only hope that it will not cloud his vision.

Yes! As I had hoped, Arya is finally going home. The fortuitous encounter with Hot Pie acquaints her the fact that Jon reigns at Winterfell, and she turns her steps northward. I believe she will be of greater use in Winterfell that turning our plot on its head with an attempted (or successful assassination of Cersei. Besides, I am looking forward to that Stark reunion which has so eluded us. Speaking of reunions, it was heartbreaking to’see Arya’s direwolf, Nymeria, abandon her. Well, we could really not have expected more could we?

At Kings Landing, Queen Cersei attempts to convince the Lords to band around her. The still faithful Jaime joins and even presents arguments to Sam’s father Lord Tarly, who is as far removed from his son as one can imagine.

Of greater significance however, is Qyburns plan for the dragons. The “Quartermaster” of Kingslanding (shall we refer to him as Q) did surprise me. It actually did not occur to me that they would develop a weapon to fight the dragons. All of a sudden, things seem to be getting more difficult for Daenerys.

I am quite disappointed in Yara, fooling around with Ellaria while Euron and his Armada bore down on her. One would expect better of a Greyjoy chieftain. That said, the attack was splendid and gave us an indication of how Euron must have spent the past few years. That maniacal glint in his eye did remind me of Ramsay. Cue in the reigning villain in GOT! I do wonder how Cersei plans to deal with him when he returns with her gift. One can only imagine a martial union between such characters! On the whole though, first cut goes to Cerséi.

Mellisandre is back, and still fixated on her quest regarding the Prince (or Princess, according to Missandei) who is to come. She exhorts Daenerys to ally with Jon Snow, and Daenerys truly characteristic of her belief in her queenship, orders that he be invited to come and bend his knee.

To Winterfell, and Jon receives two messages, the first from Tyrion inviting him to Dragonstone, and the second from Sam informing him about his findings – the presence of dragon glass at Dragonstone. Now we are obviously not surprised that everything is being set for the great Daenerys/Jon Snow meeting. It was in the cards from the very beginning. I was touched by the fear and uncertainty displayed by my dear Lyanna and her fellow northern family heads, but it was really inevitable.

In a related development, was it wise of Jon to display his dislike for Littlefinger? And he is leaving Sansa alone with Lord Cunningness! We know Sansa has gotten wise to the ways of the world but we still fear for her. Hopefully Arya will get to Winterfell quickly. I will breathe easier.

Dear Samwell, still feeling he owes a debt of gratitude to Ser Jorah’s father, attempts the impossible and treats us to loathsome sight of a greyscalectomy. For Ser Jorah to be healed of the dreaded disease, he must have some role to play in the coming battles. Shall he rejoin the mother of dragons? Let us wait and see.

And in an outpouring of love, we see Missandei bring, erm, life (and love) to Grey Worm. The scene was also a reminder of the nudity we had all come to associate with GOT, just in case we had forgotten. It was however gentle, and poignant, and left us feeling all mushy inside.

Oh… lest I forget. The body count still continues to increase. Last week it was Arya. This week Euron dispatched those silly sand snakes and a good number of the Greyjoys loyal to Yara. Speaking of the sand snakes, remember Bronn? Where is he?

we cant wait for the next episode because thing s are really heating (or is it freezing) up!

Revue contribution by Noel Orji[/vc_column_text][vc_separator][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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