Revue of 93 DAYS 

Release Date: September 16, 2016
Genre: Drama
Directed By: Steve Gukas
93 days chronicles the events that occurred during the 93 days when Nigeria was under the threat of an Ebola pandemic. The story is told from the perspective of the doctors at First Consultant Hospital Obalende, Lagos where patient zero (Patrick Sawwyer) was admitted.
Bimbo Akintola gave an absolute sterling performance as Dr Adedevoh. She portrayed a soft spoken and brilliant doctor with and also a loving mother. Also, Somkhele Idhalama (Dr Ada Igonoh) did not joke with her role and gave it her all. Danny Glover (Dr Benjamin Ohiaeri) gave a great performance playing a father figure. I was glad the producers did not ask him to try out the phantom Nigerian accent which is more than I can say of Keppy Ekpeyong’s awful attempt at a Liberian accent. What stood out for me in the whole movie was the casting. It was absolutely spot on; Alastair MacKenzie, Tim Reid and even the extras did a marvelous job bringing this story to life.
There were a few sniffs around the cinema and I must admit that I got chills in some of the scenes especially where names of casualties were being written on the white board. At that point, I was struggling with a speck of dust that got into my eyes LOL. To further exuberate the unnerving effect of the movie was the hair-raising incidental music. The producers did an absolutely amazing job in their choice of music.
I am not one to go into technicalities when I talk about movies but I must mention the lighting and the camera works.. Also, I must commend the producers for using the actual locations where the events occurred  but I was a little disappointed that the real people did not make any cameo appearances but it’s okay sha.
I have seen quite a number of true life dramas but none has ever resonated with me as much as 93 days has. This is probably because the events occurred right in our backyard, more so for me that Dr Ada Igonoh and her husband are people I know.
93 Days is a celebration of the Nigerian spirit and celebrates the heroes of the Ebola crisis and is a perfect way to immortalize Dr Adedevoh and all those who passed away in the fight to save Nigeria and probably the world from one bastard of a virus.
The movie was absolutely top notch and I will not be surprised if some awards nod in their direction. You can see the trailer of the movie here.
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