Release Date: December 20, 2016
Genre: Drama/Romance
Directed By: Adzeh Ugah
Ryan (Chris Attoh) is down and out of his luck and can’t seem to hold a job or relationship down. He asks his childhood friend George (Enyinna Nwigwe) to help him out but his friend seems to have other ideas up his sleeves.
If you believe that the synopsis above gives a clear direction as to what the movie is about, you will be unbelievably wrong. What I stated above as the synopsis was actually just for the first 15 minutes of the movie after which, I tell you most solemnly, I had no idea where this movie was going.
The movie was full of coincidences that was just unbelievably preposterous bordering on childish. The plot was shallow or basically nonexistent and this dearth ensured the movie had no real direction. It was so bad that after a while, the main characters became peripheral characters. I guess this was because they wanted to give all the international stars their own day in the spotlight.
The acting was marginally good as Chris, Enyinna, Nomzamo and Katlego Danke made a good attempt at salvaging an otherwise shallow and disseminated script.  I guess the idea behind the movie was to create an international movie to appeal to an international audience. However, it failed to appeal to me….and most of my fellow sufferers in the cinema, if their reactions were anything to go by.
One thing they had going for them though was the magnificent edifice of a building where the movie was shot. Also, the camera work was quite impressive and I wasn’t surprised to see that the cinematography was by Emmy award winner Nicholas Hofmeyr.
Conclusively, there are some stories that sound good when you are in a bar or a family gathering that won’t make for a good movie, and this is one of those stories.
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