Review of AYAMMA

Revue of AYAMMA

Release Date: December 23, 2016
Genre: Drama/Musical
Directed By: Eneaji Chris

From the stables of Emem Isong’s Royal Arts Academy comes this musical drama set in an Ibibio speaking (but fictitious village) where 2 brothers Dariama (Wale Ojo) and Ekom (Majid Michaels) are locked in a battle for the throne of the kingdom. When Dariama is mysteriously struck by insanity only the songs from a poor orphan girl called Ikor (Adesuwa Etomi) can soothe him.

This movie was supposed to be about betrayal against the backdrop of culture, beautiful scenery and sultry music. However, it fails woefully to achieve most of what it sets out to achieve; The music which was supposed to be the pivot of the movie was over synthesized and sounded anything but traditional. The lip syncing by the characters was just laughable because they didn’t even pretend like they sang those songs and by jove, the sound quality was poor.

Furthermore, the hugely ridiculous plot was riddled with loopholes and the conflict resolution was farcical and silly. There was no real direction to the movie as almost an hour into the movie, I could not tell where it was going. Was the movie about the struggle for the ascendancy to the throne or was it a story about someone called Ayamma?

Ehen, who thought it a good idea to cast Majid as an Ibibio prince? His performance was incredibly underwhelming and unconvincing. He seemed really uncomfortable with the role and though he is an established star, his performance was sub-par. I am sure he was cast to give the movie even more star power but I am sorry it just didn’t work.

However, Adesuwa and Wale did a great job trying to salvage this script but there was so much they could do with what they were given. Before I forget, please allow me to use this opportunity to beg Nollywood producers to retire that clichéd and over flogged village drunk character as an attempt to infuse humor into a movie because it’s no longer working.

On the bright side, the greenery (location) was quite nice and pleasing to see although it seemed too manicured and digitally enhanced to be natural but it looked nice. Also the producers need to be more thorough in their production because there were some amateurish errors like one time, the microphone transmitter and antenna was visible on Adesua's clothes.

The movie had prospects but failed to impress; the musical elements which was supposed to be its strongest point was too contemporary and auto tuned and shabbily lip synced (reminiscent of Maria Carey’s New Year performance). Even the attempt to blind side us with a plot twist, failed woefully and the whole plot collapsed on its flat behind.

Maybe it’s just me that feels this way, so anyone who has seen it can let me know in the comment section below or on Twitter and Facebook

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The Maveriq

3/5 (1)

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4 Responses

  1. Bang goes my dream Nigerian musical…

  2. Lol. I just saw the wedding party & was wowed. Someone else who watched with me said she was going to see Ayamma because of Adesua. I feel sorry for the person. (Feyi)

  3. Lol. I just saw the wedding party & was wowed. Someone else who watched with me said she was going to see Ayamma because of Adesua. I feel sorry for the person. (Feyi)

  4. ……and there goes any intent of me seeing this movie. Thanks for the heads up @tharevue

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