Revue of Beyonce’s Lemonade

Album : Lemonade

Artist : Beyonce

Release Date : April 23, 2016

Awesome-o-metre : 7.2/10

I know this blog is about Movies and TV but then Beyonce’s “Lemonade” album that just dropped is not just an audio album but also its been dubbed a “Visual Album”, so me thinks it won’t be out of place to Revue it.
So I have been following the chatter that Queen Bey was going to drop her visual/album on HBO on Saturday Night so in my usual curious manner, I had to go check it out.

First of All my jaw dropped ……..Beyoncé did not come to do nothing but snatch wigs! That girl waddnt playing on here. Gone were the tiny shorts wearing, booty shaking, platinum haired world class entertainer who had been groomed to be the perfect entertainer.  Some critics previously described her as Robotic, clueless in her approach to music; constantly challenging her lyrics, performance outfits and disposition as fake and immature. Instead what I saw in this production was a Black powerful woman that had suddenly realized she had a great platform and was going to use her music to say everything that had been on the tip of her lips for a few years now…..boy, did she have a lot to say.

Let me break down some of the tracks;

It’s one of the few radio friendly tracks on this album in my opinion, its catchy reggae beats will be all over the countdown in weeks to come, and seeing Beyoncé all fluffy and beautiful in a yellow sun dress but turn around and smash those car windows with a baseball bat lets you know she may hide her fur and go gangster on you at any moment.

Don’t Hurt Yourself :
Collaboration with Jack White …Rock lovers would feel a lil bit of this song but it’s the pure lyrics that catch my attention one time she spits ultimatums here “you may lose your wife” and screaming “Who the fuck do you think I am? / You ain’t married to some average bitch, boy!”

This is the track that woke the Hive all the way up, Bey is threatening divorce here and telling her man you can call Becky with the good hair…( When a woman knows you are cheating and has the identity of the side chick you should be very afraid).

Daddy Lessons:
Is hands down my favorite track in this album, it’s a country song with Beyonce wearing different outfits including an African print dress in a lone corridor with just a man playing on a guitar. The Lyrics are honest and for everyone who has followed the infidelity of her father and his alleged ruthless upbringing in ensuring his daughter became the world’s greatest entertainer you believe every word she sings here. “Daddy made a soldier out of me / Daddy made me dance / Daddy held my hand,” and towards the end she alludes to the alleged similarity between her husband and her father with lyrics like. “My daddy warned me about men like you,”

In this song Beyoncé collaborates with rap great Kendrick Lemar in a song that marks her new foray into feminism and a human rights activist or a #Blacklivesmatter activist. The video highlights a lot of cameos but most notable are Sybrina Fulton (Trayvon Martin’s mom), Lesley McSpadden (Michael Brown’s mom), This is a position I truly believe Beyoncé is enjoying, to become a voice for Black women and women all over the world, to be a beacon of hope and power to let her music be a voice for the downtrodden.

No words needed here, formation was pure slayage, with Beyonce even urging you on with words like ” Slay!..Slay!” its subtle Anti Police sentiments flayed some nerves but as she said at the end the best revenge for haters is to get your paper.

All together this is a solid work of Art, from the African Traditional Imagery that to be honest left me both proud and confused. Yes I love being African and I understand an ignorant person’s awe of the African deities but I get uncomfortable when it crosses into reverence. Half of these African Americans don’t know the implication of the spirituality they are toying with but I digress.

To the pure honest lyrics; this is Beyoncé like we have never seen her before- Hurt, Angry, Betrayed, Jealous, In Love, in tune with her Culture, African, Feminist, Mother, Lover and best of all what I have always hoped she would become ARTISTE.

I give the album 7.2 on my awesome-o-meter just because without the Visual element I am not sure a lot of people will get it.
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