RECAP OF GAME OF THRONES SEASON 8 EPISODE 2- A Knight of the Seven Kingdoms

And so the long night is upon us!

Episode 2 might have been titled “Winterfell” as well, as not even Cersei appeared. With Beric, Tormund and the remnant of the Night watch returning to reveal that the Night King is only hours away, preparations for the battle of Winterfell must be hastened.

It was however titled “A Knight of the Seven Kingdoms”. Credit to Jaime who finally knights Brienne as the motley crew of former Stark enemies warm themselves around the fire while waiting for battle. Brienne is a better knight (both physically and honour-wise) than many in Westeros.

Speaking of Jaime, the episode begins with his trial. That annoying Dany was obviously going to do something negative before the ladies speak up for Jaime and with Jon’s concurrence, she is forced to let him join the army. Jaime does point out that he did all that he did for family (and for love, as Bran comments). He however apologises to Bran later for pushing him off the tower, saying that he is a different man (the perils of self-betterment?).  Bran makes a most profound statement – that Jaime would still be the same man if he had not pushed him, and that he (Bran) would still have been Brandon Stark. I guess we may have forgotten that many of the events in the series stemmed from that push and the visit of Robert Baratheon to ask Ned Stark to be his Hand. How things have changed!

Bran offers himself up as bait at the war council, pointing out that the Night King will come for him. With the realization that this is the best way to defeat the army of the dead, this battle plan is adopted, and our hearts beat with trepidation at the battle ahead with the usual GOT question – who is going to die?

Spurred by Jorah (who obviously sees Sansa’s influence and ability) Dany tries to mend fences with her proposed half-sister-in-law to be and they warm up over digs at Jon’s height etc. Things chill however when Sansa asks her what she would do with the North if the epic battle goes in their favour. Dany obviously cannot imagine not ruling the entire Seven Kingdoms, and you can see that glint in her eye, which makes the next paragraph ever more significant.

The most important event of the episode occurs in the crypt. After avoiding Dany for most of the episode, Jon is finally cornered by her before his mom’s statue, and informs her that he is really Aegon Targaryen… so ends their relationship, bcos we know that Dany loves nothing more than the Iron throne. The arrival of the Night King’s army brings this scene to an abrupt halt. But it is a mene mene tekel upharsin situation really. Do we really expect Dany to give up the throne for her lover turned nephew?

Reunions (Theon and Sansa) and unions (Arya and Gendry, yuck) continue, Lyanna Mormont keeps to character by telling Uncle Jorah that she intends to fight, Sam hands Jorah the Tarly family sword, Jaime pledges to fight with Brienne etc. Everything leads up to next episode’s epic war. HBO has revealed that it will last about 82 minutes, and we are going giddy with expectation, as we are with questions.

Recap by Noel – @noelorji

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  • Arya n Roberts Bastard was really yuck. So far GOT 8 has not lived up to expectations for me but i tell myself we are still at intro level, perhaps, episode 3 will be it. Anyway, now i am not a fan of Daenerys- she is going to be like her father if not stopped.


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