Revue of Gidi Blues

Genre: Romance/Drama
Directed By: Femi Odugbemi

Gidi Blues is a romantic drama about Akin (Gideon Okeke) a quintessential Lagos playboy and Nkem (Hauwa Allahbura) a beautiful and conservative girl whose world collide when they happen on a chance meeting in the market place in the title location of Lagos (aka Gidi).

This is one of the most beautifully told stories by Nollywood that I have ever seen. It was exquisitely told in a simple manner with heavy reliance on cinematic shots and angles. I have to commend the producers on their extensive visual expressions of the city in its various elements like the scenes in affluent locations as well those shot in the slums. The aerial shots of the city (with the drone) was magnificent.

The cast did a great job as every one of the actors interpreted their roles with finesse and professionalism. Even Lepasious Bose (Simbi) did a great job as Nkem’s sidekick. Bukky Wright (Akin’s mother), shows us why she is a veteran in the industry and make sure to look out for music cameo appearances by Banky W and Aduke.

Unlike many Nollywood productions, the conflict resolution was quite decent. There were a few attempts to throw the audience off track but me and my eagle (evil) eye, I was still able to  spot it. Like for example, that Carmen chick (Nancy Isime) did not fool me one bit, I could see through her like a ghost. Err, Nancy, if you are reading this, call me *wink*.

For once, I will not complain about the sound engineering in a Nollywood feature film because it was crisp and clear. The camera angles (especially the aerial shots) were quite breathtaking.

If like me you are reluctant to go to the cinema to see a Nollywood production, take it from me that you can take your girl to go see Gidi Blues. Trust me, you won’t regret it and your gurl will be really appreciate it.

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Have fun!
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