Revue of IT’S HER DAY 

Release Date: September 9, 2016
Genre: Comedy/Romance
Directed By: Aniedi Awah

Bovi Ugbomma stars as an upwardly mobile guy who has just landed a good paying job and wants to marry his heartthrob who is from a wealthy family. To impress his bride and her family, he insists on single handedly footing the bill for the over-the-top fairy tale wedding his bride craves and this comes with some dire bank account draining consequences…
It’s Her Day is Bovi’s first feature film and it was a decent attempt. At the start, he seemed rather nervy but seemed to settle as the movie progressed. The plot was not an overly convoluted one so the interpretation of his role was not such an uphill task. However, I must say that his humorous side was slightly muffled but did come out once in a while, I guess he was just trying to be “mature” in his role interpretation.
There were a couple of scenes that would leave you in stitches especially where he “came to his senses”, that scene came out of nowhere and the element of surprise enhanced its humorous effect.
On the other hand, there were some parts of the movie which were overdrawn and lost the audience. Also, I was quite displeased with the producer’s choice of locations. The bride’s family boasted of so much wealth and opulence but their residence was quite underwhelming. By the way, no one was deceived by the airport scene which was obviously shot in front of a hotel…that was really cheesy. I understand the need to minimize cost but the producers could have done better.
The movie features an array of stars like Omoni Oboli, Adunni Ade, Shaffy Bello, Toni Tones, Amanda Ebeye etc and these stars gave the movie a much needed boost of star power. I was privileged to attend the exclusive premier of the movie at the Genesis Cinemas Lekki and I think they put together a really grand event which would really boost publicity and ticket sales.  
You can see the trailer of the movie here.
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