Review of Race

Revue of Race 

Release Date; February 19, 2016
Genre: Sports drama
Directed By: Stephen Hopkins
Race is a sports movie about the legendary Jesse Owens who overcame racism to excel on the tracks at the Berlin Olympics. Despite the adversity he faced, Jesse (Stephan James) under the tutelage of Coach Larry Snyder (Jason Sudeikis) becomes the fastest man alive, blitzing long standing records in the process.
I am not a fan of sports movies (unless that sport is the WWF) and maybe it’s because of that bias that I did not particularly enjoy Race. Agreed that Jesse is a legend and his accomplishments was astonishing – especially  for people of color, but did the movie have to highlight that narrative and nothing more?
I am not saying that the movie was bad but I am of the opinion that there could have been more especially as there was plenty room for character development (maybe its just me). See a movie like “Munich” was multi-dimensional and I think that’s what this movie lacked. 

Race is quite inspiring with a fair amount of entertainment and earns a 5.5/10 rating on my awesome-o-meter.

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