Revue of Road To Yesterday

Written and Produced by Genevieve Nnaji 

Directed by Ishaya Bako 

I must admit that I don’t watch a lot of Nigerian movies, but not to worry, I have begun voraciously consuming them to make up for lost time. So here goes my first Nigerian Movie Revue.

This movie is Genevieve’s first attempt at production and apart from the obvious flaws that beset productions in Nigeria, i dare say it was pretty neat.

The story revolves around a couple Izu (Oris Erhuero) and Victoria (Genevieve Nnaji) who, like every other couple experience the highs and lows of that “dreaded but wonderful institution” called marriage. 

It starts with the husband issuing the wife an ultimatum to leave the house which got me wondering if the movie started before it had even begun. I finally got my bearing when I realized that the movie was basically in reverse. Now that I did not see coming. I must say the use of flashbacks was nothing short of amazing, it really was. At a point, it was hard to predict how the movie would end.

What made the movie even pleasing to watch was the banter between two couples, it was almost real you’d think the two were actually married.

As for flaws, there was quite a number of them so I suggest you watch it yourself and make up your mind. Casting was great, costuming and lighting was pretty good too. Overall a very good effort. If you’re expecting the usual rubbish story line and a “To God be the Glory” typical ending…. This movie would disappoint you.

I would rate Road to Yesterday 6.5/10 on my awesome-o-meter.

Review contribution by Olatomide Idowu

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