Release Date: August 12, 2016
Genre: Animation/Comedy
Directed By: Greg Tiernan and Conrad Vernon
Shopwell is a local Supermarket where are the groceries items worship the shoppers as gods who come to take them to the “great beyond” where they will live happy lives. Frank (Seth Rogen) is a sausage in the store who is anxiously looking forward to going to the great beyond with his  hot dog bun Girl Friend; Brenda (Kristen Wiig). When Frank and a group of his friends are finally “chosen” to go the great beyond, they find out that it is NOTHING like that they expected, and have to find a way to save their other friends from the humans.
Can somebody tell me what is wrong with Greg Tiernan, Conrad Vernon and even Seth Rogen? Those guys must be smoking wayyyyy too much weed, how else can one explain this film.  It was totally shocking, outrageous and the raunchy humor was just over the top and as expected, there was an abundance of profanity. My favourite scene was when the items encountered a woman in her kitchen, the horror they encountered totaly left me in stitches.
However, I must warn that if you are an overly sensitive or religious person, this isn’t a movie for you. From the synopsis of the movie you can glean that it is basically a religious satire about humans blindly following religion without any proof as to the existence or benevolence of a higher being.  Believe me, no one was spared – they took swipes at the Muslims, Christians and even the Jews.
I did like the way the film concluded, with Frank calling for all the food items to respect each other’s beliefs and accommodating and getting along against common evils. I haven’t had so much fun seeing an adult animation like this since Team America. The team of celebrity cast that voiced the characters did a marvelous job. Jonah Hill, Paul Rudd, Ed Norton, Bill Hader and a host of celebrities put in a good shift on this one.
SAUSAGE PARTY is one heck of a satire and definitely not for sensitive viewers as the religious theme may not appeal to such people. However, it was pretty funny and earns 6.8/10 on my awesome-o-metre. 

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