Release Date:  August 12, 2016
Genre: Drama/Thriller
Directed By: Niyi Akinmolayan

Touted as Nigeria’s first real legal drama, The Arbitration stars O.C Ukeje as Gbenga, a super-rich young entrepreneur who has an affair with his star employee; Dara (Adesua Etomi) who  accuses him of rape. An arbitration panel is set up to review Dara’s allegations which are threatening to ruin Gbenga’s family and his company.

I must say, the cast did an amazing job! O.C Ukeje and Adesua Etomi share a great onscreen chemistry; their flirting seemed really natural and even when they made out, it seemed really passionate. Ireti Doyle who is cast as Gbenga’s lawyer, just oozed of confidence, class and finesse but Sola Fosudo (The Arbiter) seemed rather lost and uninterested.

For once I have no complaints about the video and audio quality and the soundtrack was really cool and I particularly liked the use of the song “I Put A Spell On You” by Annie Lennox.

Special mention must be made of the editing of the movie because the transition between scenes was exquisite and classy and also the timelines seemed pretty accurate but…

I have never seen a movie drop so many names of corporate organizations- there were mentions of Diamond Bank, GT Bank and Zenith Bank. I am not sure if this was some form of marketing or advert placement but they should have toned it down a bit.

Immediately, I heard that this is a legal drama, my lawyerlyinstincts started tingling and I came to the cinema ready to pick loopholes in the plot. However, the producers, (wisely) downplayed the legal aspects so as to escape the technical legal minefield. Firstly, the producers chose an arbitration panel rather than a court of law so as to escape the technicalities that the courts will present but one rather big oversight is that criminal offences (like rape) are prosecuted by the state and Law 101 will tell you that criminal offence can never be subject of Arbitration. I guess they can be excused for enjoying the creative (poetic) license.

Other than slight legal issues here and there, The Arbitration is a smart, intelligent and witty movie and made for good entertainment. However, you shouldn’t see it with kids because there were some sensual scenes and cussing.

I really appreciate all the feedback on social media, I am really humbled. So to reward loyalty, Genesis Cinemas are giving away free tickets to those that leave comments (and their twitter handle) in the comment section below. Make sure you follow @ThaRevue on Twitter who knows, you could be the winner of the free movie ticket.

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