Revue of The CEO

Release Date:  July 15, 2016
Genre: Drama/Thriller
Directed By: Kunle Afolayan

The CEO of TransWire Communications a global telecoms network primarily based in Nigeria is retiring and to get a successor, he sends candidates from the regional offices in Kenya, Cote d’Ivoire, South Africa, Morocco and Nigeria to a boot camp/retreat at a resort in Nigeria where they will be subject to a series of trainings and musical chairs (literally) to determine who the next CEO will be. The retreat is facilitated by the mysterious “drill sergeant” Dr Zimmerman (Angelique Kidjo) and everything is going as planned… until bodies start popping up.
This movie is a classic whodunit movie and I can bet you that do not see what’s coming until it is upon you. You see ehn, I pride myself as one that is not easily deceived and I thought I had this one figured but they succeeded in throwing me off their scent and I just gave up trying to decipher the movie and just go with it. But I advise that you keep your eyes and ears open so that a seemingly irrelevant person or event doesn’t pass unnoticed and later have a significant role in the unraveling of the plot.
The casting was marvelous as ALL the actors were totally on point, most particularly Angelique Kidjo who was as mysterious as they come. I have always known that Wale Ojo was a superb actor but danm, he outdid himself this time, even old timer Hilda Dokubo was one big bully. The foreign actors like Fatym Layachi (Raggi) Niko Banagio (Rikard), Aurelie Eliam (Eloise) Peter King (Jomo) and Jimmy Jean-Louis) brought their A game and gave the movie a truly pan African touch. I like the way the candidates for the CEO position represent the diverse characters that you come across in the work place. There are the back stabbers and snitches, the kiss ass crew are there, the gullible and seemingly innocent ones are represented even the office asewo is represented.
Calling THE CEO a Pan African movie is actually underselling it and does little justice to what it actually is- a masterclass in hoodwinkery.That it was shot in various parts of Africa and France must not take away the fact that this is one of the best movies out of Nigeria you will ever see.
I noticed that Kunle Afolayan pulled off a Stan Lee-esque cameo appearance in the movie, but I don’t blame him, who won’t want to show himself in his own movies?  Ehen, I noticed that Kunle has joined bad gang with people like Michael Bay to be doing subtle brand endorsement ba? I did notice the not-so-subtle nod towards the Peugeot and Air France brands.
It’s rare for me to speak in glowing terms about a movie but trust me when I say this is a darn good movie. Directing, Camera angles and most especially, the plot were top notch and I see a number of awards coming its way. Cast and Crew of The CEO, stand up and take a bow. You can see the trailer here .
I still have free tickets to give out to see THE CEO courtesy of my good friends at Genesis Cinemas. So if you wanna get it, leave a comment and your handle in the comment section below and the best comment wins my ticket for this week. I will be announcing the winner of the free ticket on Thursday the 21st of July on the blog and on Twitter and Facebook, so make sure you follow me and tag a friend.
This week promises to be a great one, so go out there and make it count.
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