Review of Wives on Strike

Revue of “Wives on Strike”

Initial Release Date; April 8, 2016
Genre: Comedy
Directed By: Omoni Oboli

The name of the movie pretty much gives away what it is about. It revolves around a bunch of market women; Madame 12:30 (Uche Jumbo) Mama Ngozi (Omoni Oboli) and their friends who are quite unhappy that Mama Amina (Ufuoma McDermott)’s thirteen year old daughter is being married off to a wealthy Alhaji due to her parents lack of resources to cater for her.

The women ask their husbands to intervene in the matter but naturally, the men choose to mind their own business. These resolute women then decide to express their grievance by going on “strike”. You would think it’s a strike from the kitchen right? Well, you would be wrong. It is strike from the bedroom!  LOL.

Featuring the talents of veterans like Kenneth Okonkwo, Julius Agwu , Ufuoma McDermott and Chioma Akpotha, with a cameo appearance by Emem Isong, Wives Strike employs comedy to tackle serious social issues like child marriage and the role of women in the family.

What stood out for me was the simplicity of the movie. It did not have an intricate plot and the actors mostly spoke pidgin English which I discovered is one of the best ways to communicate to a wider audience in Nigeria. (ask wazobia FM/TV).

I did notice a few lapses here and there especially when it came to the camera work. There were quite a few shots that became blurry and this impact on the viewing experience. Also, some scenes were rather long and exaggerated which is not totally a bad thing because I think it added to the comedic effect.

I am not one to subscribe to sexual blackmail in marriage but I think we all get the idea that child marriage is indeed a serious social issue that needs to be taken seriously. If a movie is one of the ways to fight the social ill of early marriage, then I stand with them on this.

Make sure you use this Mayday holiday and go to the cinema and support this cause by seeing this movie. I admit its no “Big bang Theory” but it is a movie that will resonate with many of us.

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