Director :Bill Condon

Main Cast : Emma Watson, Dan Stevens, Luke Evans, Josh Gad and Ian Mckellen

Genre : Romance/Fantasy/Drama

Release Date : March 17, 2017

Music Director : Alan Menken

Awesome-o-metre : 6/10


This live action remake of the 1991 animated feature of same title is about Belle (Emma Watson) a beautiful and independent girl who is held captive in a castle by a beast (Dan Stevens) but despite her peril she befriends the castle’s enchanted staff and eventually the beast himself.

I haven’t always liked the ideology behind the Beauty and the Beast story. I always see it as how fickle a woman can be. “No matter how a man looks, as long as he is rich and can give a woman what she wants, she’ll fall for him”. Afterall Belle loved books and the Beast did give her books…lots of books!.

I don’t want to go into the story of the movie as we all know it, a spell was cast on a prince who was without love turning him into a gruesome beast…the sorceress then gave him a red rose and told him that by the time the last petal falls, if he has not found someone to love and who will love him in return, he will remain a beast forever.

The movie itself was lovely, I use the word ‘lovely’ very carefully because that is what it was; not amazing or scintillating just ‘Lovely’. I had a smile on my face throughout except when I was laughing really hard. There was a lot of humour in the movie. The Candle, the clock, Mrs Pots, Gaston and Lafou (I love Josh Gad!!).

The acting was okay, the effects were okay. I expected much more though, it seemed the movie was kind of forced; as though they tried too hard. Emma as Belle didn’t really impress me at all….she wasn’t as princessy, because I recall Belle to be a very dreamy young woman who lived in her books. I wished they had used a fresh young face….someone new to portray Belle.

The Beast came off as almost handsome in some scenes (probably trying to make him more lovable). Oh! and the singing wasn’t half bad.

Altogether I give the movie 6/10…It was good but not good enough but I am sure Disney is going to make a truck load of money. We should all see it (it’s Beauty and the Beast afterall). You can get your tickets by clicking here and saving yourself the hassle of joining a queue.

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