Director : Youssef Delara

Producer(s) : Ray Brown, Amir Delara, Youssef Delara, Victor Teran

Main Cast :  Shemar Moore, Nadine Velazquez, Bill Bellamy, Sheryl Underwood and Vanessa Bell

Genre : Romance/Comedy

Release Date : December 9, 2016

Music Director : Reza Safinia

Awesome-o-metre : 5.0/10


Shemar Moore is Matthew Taylor, a recently divorced dad whose bestselling Book “The Bounce Back” seeks to help people in broken relationships, well, bounce back. However, while on tour to promote his book, a therapist called Kristin Peralta (Nadine Velazquez) questions his methods and their love-hate relationship blossoms into romance which forces him to rethink his past relationships.

I don’t mean to be a male chauvinist but it is obvious from the plot of this movie that this is totally a chick flick made more obvious when I noticed that at the cinema, there were more women than guys. Also, the guys there with me obviously came under coercion from their female partners.

The plot isn’t one we haven’t seen before as with all romcoms, we see two incompatible people battling with their feelings for each other and inevitably ending up together. What makes such movies interesting is the process of ending up together despite all odds. The Bounce Back was no different because the outcome was predictable but the progression is what was most appealing.

Honestly, there really wasn’t anything particularly memorable about the movie, but there were a lot of oohs and aaahs from the female folk especially when Shemar Moore is shirtless. But his chemistry with Nadine Velazquez made will leave you feeling warm and fuzzy inside. Also, I think the soundtrack of the movie wasn’t half bad and I may just go get it so I can feel it properly.

This is another movie that was released ages ago but for some strange reason, has only just started showing in Nigerian cinemas so feel free to follow this link and get a ticket to go see this movie with your boo. She will thank you.

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