Director : Paul Igwe

Producer : Mary Lazarus

Starring : Mary Lazarus, Joseph Benjamin, Ushbebe, Kehinde Bankole, Toyin Aimakhu Abraham, Oma Nnadi, Uzor Osimkpa, Blessing Onwukwe and Lilian Afegbai

Genre : Drama/Comedy

Release Date : September 22, 2017

Awesome-O-Metre : 4/10


Dance To My Beat revolves around Lamide (Mary Lazarus), a jobless lady with high taste who pressures her Fiancé Raymond (Joseph Benjamin), a civil servant on a small salary to get married to her immediately and Lamide plans to fund their wedding and marriage by selling extra expensive Aso-Ebi.

Took me a while but I managed to drag myself to go see this film because the plot of the film didn’t really appeal to me. First thing I noted is that the film was misnamed because even though the film is about payback it was really about women and their love for Aso-Ebi (uniform) and the extent they will go to get it. So I guess Aso-Ebi would have been a more appropriate name for the film.

Furthermore, the plot of the film isn’t one that has much meat and for this reason there were extended periods of the film that seemed to just go without any real direction. The attempts at comedy would get you smiling a bit but such scenes were few and far between. Aha, before I forget, the producers should have dialed back on the comedic sound effects which made the film sound like an episode of Barney and friends.

However, the film managed to pass across a moral lesson against living above ones means because it’s easy to be sucked into the pressure of pretending to be rich when you aren’t and so this film managed to convey the grave consequences of such action. Another highlight of the film was the acting prowess of Benjamin James who managed a weird Igbo Accent which he managed to sustain throughout the film. Good job Benjamin.

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