Release Date – March 18, 2017

In this modern day of artist carving new tags to describe their latest release, Drake drops another categorical mindbender, calling his latest release, MORE LIFE, a “playlist”. Many just consider it an album because calling it a playlist creates a distinction without a difference. With the 22 track long project (I think it’s just too much) the Canadian born “rapper” reaffirms what we already know, that he is one of the most versatile artists of this generation. But I believe his versatility is a gift and a curse at the same time, most will never consider Drake a hip-hop great, but he is definitely an incredible all round artist.

The project starts with FREE SMOKE, that has Drizzy rapping and reminiscing about how he “started from the bottom” but made it to more life, more everything. He talked about drunk texting JLO (Drake out here basically getting linked to dream women from Rihanna to JLO and even Erykah Badu. He also had time to take shots at Meek Mill rapping “How you let the kid fighting Ghost writing rumors turn you to a ghost?” perhaps we have not seen the end of the Drake/Meek Mill diss.

Drake teams up with English rapper Giggs on NO LONG TALK and follows it up with the Pop/Electric PASSION FRUIT. GET IT TOGETHER features South Africa’s House Music producer BLACK COFFEE and British Soul Artist JORJA SMITH. Drake really lets JORJA shine on this one, looking more like he was just backing her up on the song, it is actually one of the most beautiful songs on the project and Africa is definitely serving that fire to the world right now.

Dunno what Nelson Mandela has to do with it but MADIBA RIDDIM has Drake singing on the sweet sound about being let down by friends. BLEM kind of sounds like Controlla 2.0 to me as both songs have quite similar tune and rhythm. On GYALCHESTER, Drake seems to want to put the top 5 argument to an end rapping “Ï know I said top 5, but I’m top 2 and I’m not 2…” we hear you boy but we don’t agree.

Drake has a lot of artist doing short interludes on the project including Nigerian born British rapper SKEPTA rapping about dying and coming back as Fela Kuti, I’m just glad for some reference to one of Nigeria’s greatest music talents. What’s a Drake project without a Jay Z subliminal, on PORTLAND featuring QUAVO and TRAVIS SCOTT he raps “Fake fuck with me back then, but it’s getting harder to fake it now, Fuck being rich when I’m 40 man, I’m tryna make it now.

Drizzy teamed up with 2 CHAINZ and YOUNG THUG for SACRIFICES to serve us a straight up fire tune and asides sampling J.LO’s If You Had My Love hook on TEENAGE FEVER we had nothing ground breaking until he teamed up with KANYE WEST for GLOW where the artists rap about reaching new heights and glowing up. Really love the Earth, Wind and Fire sampling at the end of the track, KANYE still proving he is the king of dope sampling.

On the final track on the project, DO NOT DISTURB, Drake was in usual story telling mode, letting his heart out, he raps “last verse that I gotta do is always like surgery” I always like Drake in this mode and he signed off telling us he is “Taking the summer off, cause they tell me I need recovery. Maybe getting back to my regular life will humble me, I’ll be back in 2018 to give you the summary”. We truly hope he will get enough inspiration in that time off to deliver another stellar album.


MORE LIFE is Drake really just giving us MORE MUSIC, we cannot say no to that can’t we? But as a whole, it is a pretty dang average project. You will probably have to use the skip button a lot MORE. We hope it is just him giving us enough material to keep us busy while he takes some time off and come back strong. No doubt like every other Drake project, it will generate enough talk and controversy about how really good it is. There is still more than enough quality music in it though and it is a project that is worth listening to and will definitely grow on you. Stand out tracks for me were GET IT TOGETHER, SACRIFICES and GLOW. I will rate MORE LIFE a 5.5/10; I truly hope the Drake stans will not come for my head. Listen and let me know your thoughts in the comments section.

Revue contribution by @iamkriss.

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