Director :Jordan Vogt-Roberts

Main Cast : Tom Hiddleston, Samuel L. Jackson, Brie Larson, John Goodman and John C. Reiley

Genre : Sci-Fi/Adventure

Release Date : 10 March 2017

Awesome-o-Metre : 7.5/10


This old favorite story reoccurs in this movie but this time a team of soldiers and scientists visit an uncharted Island in the South Pacific where many giant creatures exist, among whom is Kong, the King of the Island.

There are movies made for the big screen and this is definitely one of them. If like me you are a fan of giant monsters kicking butt, you will absolutely love this remake. You will love it better still if you see it in 3D where Kong really comes to life. The producers pulled no punches in unleashing King Kong in this movie because he was at his magnificent best dishing out punches and butting heads. The CGI was breathtaking and leaves you panting for more.

I do have some reservations however. Though the actors did a great job, they were rather detached from the audience. We didn’t share any connection with them and so when they were in peril, we just didn’t feel any empathy thereby deflating the thrill for us. Tom Hiddleston’s character who was supposed to be a tough guy was underwhelming and John Riley wasn’t as funny as they intended him to be. I think the idea of the movie was to accentuate Kong and as such diminish the human characters. Even Kong’s relationship with Brie’s character was tapered and I did feel kinda let down there.

Furthermore, there were quite a number of variations to the storyline in this reboot and I think it’s because of the direction the movie producers intended for the movie. Kong is painted as misunderstood and not the real villain. I guess this was so he could be matched against another monster who would be a worthy adversary to him and thereby ramping the CGI fest. I noticed this trend from recent monster movies like Godzilla and Jurassic World, but you know what? I totally dig this new movie bearing because it allows producers to ramp up the CGI fest. For this movie, you guys need to look out for Kong’s battle with the biggest skull crawler, especially where he pulled a tree from its stump and used it to flog the crap out of the skull crawler,  I assure you, it was satisfying.

Kong: Skull Island was very entertaining and a feast for the eyes what with fantastic monsters all over the place. The plot isn’t exactly spectacular but if we wanted a great plot, we would just go and watch the older installments of the movie. Bottom line, we are just here for the CGI – datsall.

I am sure you want to see this movie so why not jump the queue and just get it here?


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