Director : Tchidi Chikere

Cast : Majid Michel, Mercy Johnson, Hafiz Oyetoro, Eniola Badmus

Genre : Romance/Comedy

Release Date : February 17, 2017

Awesome-o-metre : 4.5/10


Raymond (Majid Michel) is a perennial bachelor who risks being cut off from his wealthy father’s inheritance if he doesn’t come home with a fiancée real soon. He enlists the services of an escort service agency who deliver Mercy Johnson sto pose as his fiancée. Armed with his new fiancée, Ray and his bumbling side kick Lucas (Hafeez Oyetoro aka Saka) take a trip to the east to see Ray’s parents and things don’t go as planned.

That story line is one that has been worn out by repeated use in the movie industry and an attempt to reinvent it shouldn’t have been contemplated. The story was linear and just kept dragging with no real direction and it struggled for any real laughs. By the way, who came up with the name “Light Will Come”? That’s the tackiest name I have heard in a long time.

I am not sure what Saka’s role in the whole movie was but he even got more laughs than the main characters. One thing I found curious is that people still find farts and fart jokes funny. I thought people would find it disgusting but surprisingly, that was the scene with the most laughs from the audience. So I will ensure that whenever I write a movie script, I must find a way to smuggle a fart scene into it.

Mercy Johnson sef try sha acting as a classy babe one minute and an “asewo” the next. But it seems she is yet to lose some of her baby fat abi she was pregnant when the movie was shot? I am not sure jare.

As for Majid, I think yet again he has been cast in a role that does not suit him. I feel he is becoming (or has always been) a one dimensional actor who isn’t versatile at all. I recall feeling the same way when I saw Ayanma and yet again he didn’t do justice to this role. In all honesty, if Saka weren’t by his side, it would have been an awful flop.

On the upside, this film saw the crossover of Rahma Sadu from Kannywood – which is the Kano branch of Nollywood. Her role was peripheral but it’s a good thing to see my northern brethren coming over to mainstream movies.

Unfortunately, despite the array of stars, A Light Will Come wasn’t as bright, so it earns 4.5/10 on my awesome-o-metre. If you don’t agree, please feel free to leave a comment in the comment section or on Social Media.

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