Director : Robert Zemeckis

Producer : Graham King, Steve Starkey, Robert Zemeckis

Cast : Brad Pitt, Marion Cotillard, Jared Harris, Simon McBurney, Lizzy Caplan

Genre : War, Thriller

Release Date : November 9, 2016

Music Director : Alan Silvestri

Awesome-o-metre : 6/10

Revue of ALLIED

Brad Pitt stars as Max, a Canadian officer who while on a mission in Casablanca in 1942, meets and falls in love with Mariane (Marion Cotillard) a French spy. After their mission, they get married and settle down in London but their work always seems to interfere with their marriage.

I am not sure why I slept on this good movie and took so long to see it. I guess it’s probably because the plot synopsis seems so unassuming but I assure you, as self-effacing as the précis seems, it’s quite the thriller. The movie starts somewhat slowly and never really picks up steam, up until the assassination mission of the spies after which it mellows and the real intrigue and suspense begins.

Brad Pitt was the imperturbable spy and Marion was tranquil and gracious but together, they seemed to lack any real chemistry. I am not sure if this was the intention of the producers but I think this lack of chemistry only further authenticated the lack of trust between the two spies who recognize that they lie for a living. This distance lets the audience feel like even though they were in love, there were still secrets between them which could threaten the very foundation of their marriage.

I have seen some really harsh reviews about the film because of the lack of chemistry between the pivotal characters but I still think it was a really intriguing and emotional movie where love and family ties are tested by allegiances and the past that won’t stay in the past. Another thing I liked was the costume was really authentic for the time.

Allied is an emotional thriller with a tinge of conspiracy and so earns 6/10 on my awesome-o-metre.

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