Revue of Blood Sisters

Release Date: May 5, 2022

Directed By: Biyi Bandele and Kenneth Gyang

Platform: Netflix (Limited Series of 4 Episodes)

Cast: Nancy Isime, Ini Dima-Okojie, Kate Henshaw, Wale Ojo, Deyemi Okanlawon, Gabriel Afolayan and Kehinde Bankole


Bride-to-be Sarah (Ini Dima-Okojie) is days away from her wedding. To her family and friends, this should be the most joyful day of her life, but, deep down, Sarah knows she’s dreading this day because it means that the man who is violent to her behind closed doors will be in her life forever. Even still, to appease her loved ones, she continues with the plans to marry her fiancé. That is until he is freed from the mortal coil on the big day.


So when I read the film’s synopsis, I expected Blood Sisters to be a whodunit film and the first few minutes of the film further embedded this idea but when the first episode already revealed the (alleged) killers, I was thrown off because I wasn’t sure what direction the film was going. Allow me to tell you that though this film is about a killing, it is so much more than that – Blood Sisters is multi-faceted addressing spousal abuse, human (parts) trafficking, corruption in the police and politics, among other issues. Frankly, this multidimensionality is the highlight of Blood Sisters.

Another win for this film is the characters. All the major characters brought their A game.  So much has been said about the Timeyin character who though is a newbie did justice to her role but for me, it has to be Uncle B’s character (Ramsey Nouah) who’s showed us how one can be a villain of little words. Talking about characters, I did suffer a jolt of reality when I saw Uche Jumbo and Kate Henshaw who were recently the chicks of Nollywood now playing the roles of parents but after getting over that shock, I can say that they killed their roles with their versatility and range.

To further compliment the acting is the over the top costuming of the characters, specifically Kate Henshaw’s that reeked of opulence and maleficence. The Make-up effects were also very good and believable and should win some kind of award.

Blood sisters did have some inconsistencies especially with the Timeyin character whose age seems not to correspond with her story arc.  Also, some incidents were too much of a convenient coincidence employed to move the story forward and requires the suspension of disbelief by the audience.


Blood Sisters is a worthy redemption for Ebony Life after the catastrophe that is Chief Daddy 2. The film does however have its draw backs from over acting and convenient coincidences which led to incredulity of some scenes. The producers (as usual)  followed the line of flooding the film with every actor and actress of repute even when all they had was a couple of lines.

Awesome-O-Metre Rating:

6.5/10- Recommended for some good entertainment. I must warn that there is some nudity and sexual suggestions in the film, so be prepared for some awkwardness if you are watching  with your parents.

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