Director : Kunle Afolayan

Starring : Jimmy Jean-Louis, Temi Otedola, Bukunmi Oluwashina, Ibukun Awosika, Gabriel Afolayan, Sadiq Daba, Ini Edo and Joke Silva

Genre : Drama

Release Date : November 6, 2020 (Netflix)

Awesome-O-Metre : 7.0/10

Guest review of Citation by @Vitruvious_

2020, The year, A year to remember, A tragic year of sorts, Deaths, Viruses, Floods, Explosions, Fires, Bloody Protests, Wanton Destructions…… You get the Drift.

Like the saying goes, where there is life, there is also hope and there are also movies. After watching Netflix originals like Extraction, Old Guard, Queen’s Gambit, Nimbe, Oloture etc. The most recent release “Citation” a movie closer to home, addresses an issue that affects all women and even on a broader spectrum, all genders.

Based on real events, Citation follows the story of a bright and beautiful post graduate student Moremi Oluwa (Temi Otedola) a victim of sexual harassment by a charming yet devious Professor Lucien N’Dyare (Jimmy Jean-Louis).

After the famous “Me Too” movement and the recent award winning Sex for Grades documentary, this movie added more voice to the evils being perpetrated by these sick lecturers in our institutions and the need for bravery and support to those who have been victims of these crimes.

The plot and cinematography of this movie were A1 as expected from a Kunle Afolayan production and it also featured an array of talent that made the movie enjoyable. This was also Temi Otedola first foray into acting and bar a few bloopers, the role was interpreted with poise.

A suspect some individuals would watch this movie and do some soul searching because these are issues we face daily in all facets of life.

I’d rate this movie a 7/10 and I’d suggest you watch and drop a comment below or on Twitter or Facebook !

Have an awesome Monday.

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4.5/5 (2)

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  1. Rhecks

    Watching Citation definitely struck a chord in me as I could relate with some of Moremi’s travails from personal experience.
    I loved the plot, the characters and the overall theme. And I hope that many more young women can speak up against sexual harassment in school, workplaces and even in the public.
    It is a fantastic movie and my best movie of the year 2020. So, I wish you’d rated it at least 9/10 … However, I think you did a good review as always.
    Well done

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