Director : Desmond Elliot

Producer : Victor Okpala

Starring : IK Ogbonna, Nancy Isime, Wale Ojo, Desmond Elliot, Toyin Abraham

Genre : Comedy/Drama

Release Date : March 2, 2018

Awesome-O- Metre : 4.0/10


Disguise is a comedic take to answer the age-old question of “what do women want”? The film stars IK Ogbonna and Nancy Isime as Belinda and Melvin respectively who dress as the opposite sex to try and solve a case and win N10m and then comedic complications ensue.

Every actor likes an opportunity to show their versatility by trying their hands at acting as the opposite sex and I think Nancy and Ik gave their best…it’s just that it wasn’t as funny. There were one or 2 scenes at the beginning of the film that drew one or 2 laughs but as the film wore on, it started getting old and kinda boring.

For me, the highlight of the film was the make up by Onilogbo Hakeem who transformed both actors to totally different people. The beard on Nancy was believable and the make up on IK was beautiful, though his height and build didn’t help. Toyin Abraham was her usual jokey self and Wale Ojo was just there sha.

My take on Disguise is that though it was an audacious film, it wasn’t as humorous because let’s be honest, sex/gender swap films are cliché and over flogged. The plot was shallow but the production was quite decent.

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