In Line

Director : Tope Oshin

Written by : Written by Diche Enunwa and Temitope Bolade-Akinbode

Starring : Adesuwa Etomi, Uzor Arukwe, Chris Attoh, Sika Osei, Tina Mba and Shawn Faqua

Genre : Thriller/Drama

Release Date :September 1, 2017

Awesome-O-Metre : 6.8/10

Revue of IN LINE

In Line is about Debo (Uzor Arukwe), who returns home to his wife Kate (Adesuwa Etomi) after six years in prison. His absence has however taken a toll on the marriage and he suspects his wife of infidelity, and eventually his insecure and volatile nature leads to a chain of startling events.

I am not sure why this film is not getting any real hype because honestly it is a good film. The plot isn’t one that has been over flogged so it was great to see a new direction in a film. It’s easy to spot a film with a good script because the actors have a clear sight of that is required of them and then execute this in line with the director’s vision. Adesuwa Etomi was her usual fantastic self and Uzor Arukwe gave a genuine performance as the volatile and spontaneous husband and even Sika Osei was very impressive.

Furthermore, other than the good plot, the conclusion of the film was good. Many films these days start well, pick up steam and then then get into a jam on how to wrap up and end up limping across the finish line. I must admit that the audience was blindsided with the conclusion of the film and I must commend the producers for hoodwinking the audience. However, I must state that the producers vision to keep the audience in suspense for a long time led to the film being unnecessarily lengthy. I appreciate that thrillers thrive on suspense and hoodwinkery but I honestly feel that the film could have been much shorter and this would have enhanced the impact of the final twist.

IN LINE is a really nice thriller with a wicked plot twist but you must be patience because it is a slow burner whose pace never really picks up but maintain a steady tempo which will be worth your while. I hope it’s not just me that feels this way, so why not click HERE to get a discounted ticket and go see IN LINE and subsequently, hit me up on Twitter or Facebook and let me know what you think.

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