Director : Tope Alake

Producer(s): Seun Dania & Folarin Laosun

Starring : Chimezie Imo, Odunlade Adekola, Toyin Abraham, Sani Danja, Rachael Okonkwo, Kelechi Udegbe and Broda Shaggi

Genre : Drama

Release Date : July 17, 2020 (Netflix)

Awesome-O-Metre : 4.8/10

Nimbe a Nollywood movie telling the story of Nimbe (Chimezie Imo) a teenager suffering from parental negligence, constantly being bullied by his peers but finds consolation, love and relevance in a street gang he is introduced to by an older neighbour who he meets by chance. In this company, he is introduced to the dangerous world of drugs, hooliganism and thuggery.

Nimbe is a social commentary that tackles the malaise of drugs and drugs addiction and parental neglect. The moral plot Nimbe is brought to life by some great acting by the characters of which I must single our Chimezie Imo who played the title character of Nimbe, I am not sure if I have seen him in any films but the boy carried the film very well. Also, Toyin and Odunlade interpreted their roles very well, even though their comedic sides popped up once in a while and I did find Toyin’s accent quite dubious.

I like the simplicity in basically every aspect of the film- from the characters, to the locations and even the costuming, everything seemed real and not over the top. The simplicity also extended to the way the movie was shot including the cinematography and visual style. There were no intricacies in the visual style and presentation and this made the film very relatable almost like it occurred next door. This style made Nimbe a very profound and impactful film.

However, Nimbe wasn’t without its flaws, one of which is the hypocrisy that featured prominently in the film. Nimbe touts itself as a moral compass about societal ills like drug use and abuse, but the irony is that while it tries to address these issues, it ironically was advocating another societal ill and that is GAMBLING! It was incredible how in one breath the film is reprimanding drug abuse then in the other, it is praising gambling so much so that it even showed that one of the questionable characters lived happily ever after winning a Four Million Naira jackpot. Really guys??? This is the problem where you get funding/sponsorship for your film from a gambling company and then start to struggle to balance interests. This life no balance at all. LOL.

Nimbe broke one of the cardinal rules of film-making of telling rather than showing the audience the events that have transpired. It was strange that the film’s conflict resolution was reduced to a mere postscript at the end of the film. Worse still, the producers never tied up the story involving Sani Danja’s character. Talking about postscripts, it was very sordid to see a typographical error in the spelling of “Imprisonment” in the text at the end of the film. I would imagine that the producers will be more attentive to small details like these.

Nimbe is a sobering film about the social malady of drug addiction. The plot though simple and well-worn manages to pass the message across but still does itself in wirh flawed storytelling and plot development. It is currently streaming on Netflix Please do leave a comment in the comment section below or on my Twitter or Facebook page and let me know what you think about the film or if you just want to talk about any other film.

Stay Safe.

The Maveriq

4.5/5 (2)

Your Turn!

2 Responses

  1. Simon Rza

    Nice movie. But I felt some scenes dragged abit too long and the conversations not as interesting.
    And I think it’s pathetic that Nollywood still fake a punch in 2020. They should be able to make punches look real by now na. AK’s oratory skills left alot to be desired.
    But I give the movie 100% for relativity. All characters will remind you of someone you know.
    And I will henceforth suspect anyone I see with a drinking bottle

  2. Gee

    Sounds intriguing! Should I or should not?
    I am still traumatised from watching sugar rush I need time to heal

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