Release Date:  June 24, 2016
Genre: Drama/Romance
Directed By: Muyiwa Aluko

Hadiza (Ini Dima-Okojie) is an architect from a Muslim conservative home from the northern part of Nigeria is involved in an accident while on a site and is rushed to a hospital where Emeka (OC Ukeje) is a resident physiotherapist. While in the hospital, they forge a friendship which blossoms into a romantic relationship but forces (from within and without) are bent on keeping them apart.

I won’t lie, but when I saw the précis of this movie, I truly expected a clichéd story of how a Muslim girl from the North cannot be in a relationship with an Igbo boy from the south…but I was wrong. The plot of the movie totally flipped in a direction I did not expect, don’t worry I won’t spoil it for you, go see it yourself.

Not to undermine the acting talent of Ini and OC, but my favorite character was Alh. Ahmed Musa (Gbenga Titiloye) Hadiza’s father. He was the quintessential hausa father figure and his interpretation of his role was spot on – he conveyed that hausa boys/men are also as smooth and charming. Ini did a great job as her Hausa lines (though not so smooth) were well rehearsed and delivered, although I did notice that after a while her accent disappeared. LOL. Even Funky Mallam for once, looked serious… but not for long.

I think Nollywood is getting better at telling love stories and it’s obvious from our movies that a lot of thought and resources is being put into our production. I think it’s about time Nollywood starts truly ruling the African movie scene with quality production. You can watch the trailer on YouTube here.

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