Director : Shirley Frimpong Manso

Producer(s) : Sarah Inya Lawal and Ken Attoh

Starring : OC Ukeje, Joselyn Dumas, Joke Silva, Chris Attoh, Nikki Samonas, Blossom Chukwujekwu, Adjetey Anang, Lala Akindoju, Victoria Michaels

Genre : Romance/Comedy

Release Date :May 25, 2018

Awesome-O-Metre : 7.0/10


Potato Potahto revolves around a divorced couple, Tony (OC Ukeje) and Lulu (Joselyn Dumas), who decide to share equal space in their ex-matrimonial home soon realize that the ingenious idea is easier conceived than executed. Bent on flexing their egos and scoring points, the two employ various hilarious tactics that soon inflames emotions and turns an already complicated situation into a roller coaster ride.

Potato Potahto is a decent Nigeria/Ghana collaboration because the film is genuinely funny. The humour wasn’t excessive as to drown the romance and neither did it seem forced. The comedy was sprinkled the film to give it a bright feel and the romance angles also were well fitted into the film thereby giving it balance.

Another reason for the bright feel of the film is the color grading and cinematography. The producers used a bright and yellow hue in the coloring and employed bright colors in the props and costuming and both component elicited a feel good atmosphere to the film. The characters were also easy going and are relatable in that Tony (OC) shows the ego that is prevalent in the male folk and Lulu (Joselyn) showed the irrationality that is ubiquitous in women. However, I think Chris Attoh is ill-fitted for his role as the bumbling hunk as his acting was forced and he seemed out of his depth.

The plot is decent but unbelievable and by this I mean it’s so far-fetched that it borders on farcical. Also, many events and the films conclusion were predictable. The predictability of the direction of Potato Potahto impacted its enjoyment. Also impacting the film are some of the extended and unnecessary scenes.

Potato Potahto is immaculately produced and well balanced so as to give an enjoyable experience to the audience. Its presently streaming on Netflix so I recommend you go see it if you want a simple and enjoyable film and subsequently leave your comment in the comment section below or on my Twitter or Facebook page and let me know what you think about it.

Stay Indoors, Stay Safe

The Maveriq

2.5/5 (2)

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  1. I am interested…but this one you say the end is predictable…..hmmm

    1. Done …was preditable…a real chic-flick
      Joke had one of her finest moments here; she played herself!. as for the couple…..UC was better in character than his on-screen wife. those…. Chris was really out of character here…or maybe it was his script… the setting was bright and cheerful; the plot could do with a bit more intrigue….it was relatable… I guess that is why people will folks would see it over and over need for a sequel…..unless they hire another script writer

  2. I love OC Ukeje and will watch ANYTHING he features in loll.

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