Director : Kunle Afolayan

Producer : Lasun Ray

Starring : Demola Adedoyin, Chidinma Ekile, Tina Mba, Zack Orji, Ayo Mogaji, Ken Erics, Lanre Hassan and Adebayo Salami

Genre : Drama/Romance

Release Date : December 8, 2017

Awesome-O-Metre : 4.5/10


The Bridge is about 2 love birds- a Yoruba prince and heir apparent (Demola Adedoyin) and an Igbo lady (Chidinma Ekile) from a distinguished Igbo family whose love is threatened by tribal sentiments but when the couple secretely get married, all hell breaks loose.

I’m a big fan of indigenous well researched movies especially two of Kunle Afolayan’s “The Figurine” and “October 1” and so I was beside myself with excitement going into the cinema. Of course, Kunle Afolayan never misses an opportunity to showcase deeper elements of the Yoruba culture but at least he did this one without coming across as spooky or Africa Magic-esque.

As always with Kunle, the camera work was fantastic and the lighting was spectacular and the use of traditional incidental music enhanced the feeling of unease that pervaded the film. Another highlight of the film as the casting. The characters were perfect with all the actors best suited for their roles…all except for the female lead – Chidinma Ekedile. Agreed this is her debut film and she did her best but she came off as self-conscious and seemed to struggle to articulate/convey the right type of emotions except the crying scenes where she expressed herself with a lot of ease. She had this shy, supposed-to-be-sweet and quiet demeanour which worked for a couple of scenes after which it felt like she was trapped in herself. It was a struggle to watch her scene after scene and was quite frustrating because if she had pushed a little bit harder (or if the director had demanded more of her) the outcome might have been better.

That being said, I think her and Demola Adedoyin had chemistry and were a cute and perfect fit physically. Now Demola Adedoyin was good, he had a fine balance display of bravery and emotion. He was very believable, and I felt the depth of his pain, love and courage in the face of opposition. Infact all the other characters were perfectly cast. From the Oba and Olori (Demola’s Parents) to Zack Orji and Tina Mba (Chidinma’s parents) to the high priests and Chiefs, they were absolutely brilliant.

I must say another draw back from the film was the plot. The plot started out okay with high expectations but sadly weakened as the movie progressed. The last scene was unbelievably weak it was shocking. I guess the idea was to make the climax less cliché and probably emotional but it came across as absurd and anti-climatic. In simple terms, the movie was a let-down especially as Kunle Afolayan has set the bar high in the industry as well more so The Bridge being a BOI Nollyfund project.

Anyways, if you want to go see it, you can get cheap tickets HERE. Don’t agree with the revue or the rating of The Bridge?  I am curious to hear what you have to say so feel free to hit me up on Twitter and Facebook

Review by Susan Okoh @yellowwdimples (Instagram)

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2/5 (1)

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