Director : Udoka Oyeka

Starring : Lasisi Elenu, Nancy Jaime, Broda Shaggi, MC Lively, Omotunde Adebowale-David (Lolo), Bucci Franklin, Olayemi Solade, Ireti Doyle, Norbert Young, Tina Mba, Ibrahim Suleiman, Shalewa Ashafa

Release Date: March, 14th 2021

Genre : Drama/Comedy

Awesome-O-Metre :

Ujiro- 4.0/10 | Eben- 6.5/10

Today, we have 2 revues of The Razz Guy, one by Ujiro Asagbra and the other by Eben Asagbra. As you can see from the names, these 2 are from the same household but they had 2 varying experiences. So you get 2 revues for the “price” of one to help you make up your mind wether to see the film, or not. You’re welcome.

Revue of The Razz Guy by Ujiro (IG: ujiro_asagbra)

I was abit skeptical about seeing the movie "the razz guy" because the title didn't seem like alot of creative effort was put into it, and after watching the movie, well…

The story follows a successful lawyer who is very particular about the use of english, both oral and written. He is quite rude when correcting others and as expected that didn't sit well with alot of people, this leads to a curse being placed on him. The story follows his struggles to get it lifted.

I feel like the story could have been given more flesh, the comedy felt abit forced to me and there were alot of unnecessary drama.

I didn't understand the relationship dynamic between the main character and his girlfriend. I know the message they were trying to pass across but I didn't think it was necessary, I mean she knows and has met his roommate so what's up with the shenanigans with his sister and maid? a few of the characters such as the aunty from abroad didn't move the plot forward in any way so they wasn't necessary.
My favorite character was the agbero, he bodied his role and brought it to life perfectly, the intern did a pretty good job also, the rest of the cast, seemed to try a little too hard.

Alot of people in the hall seemed to have a good laugh, so maybe it's just me but I wasn't totally impressed. I would give the movie 4/10.

Revue of The Razz Guy by Eben (IG: ebendcelebrant)

When I saw the trailer for The Razz Guy movie during the Coming 2 America premiere, I was thoroughly excited because it looked like a Nigerian take on the typical Hollywood "lesson" movies and also one of my best Nigerian personalities, Frank Donga, was among the cast. It promised to be fun and inspirational.

The plot of the movie was centered around a successful lawyer (Lasisi Eleni) whose core value is the pristine use of English. He doesn't suffer any of his subordinates kindly if they can't communicate properly and clearly and generally looks down on anyone who can't speak the "Queen's English". His condescension and arrogance gets the better of him when he is cursed to be "razz" due to him being particularly awful to people. He then struggles to lift the curse and get his life back.

I personally liked the story as it was a nice tale with a moral that was brought to the Nigerian setting which made it very relatable. I also enjoyed the comedy of it all as it was quite funny and the audience in the theatre had a good laugh alongside me. However, there were a few issues I had with the movie.

I personally felt the main character's "razzness" could have been better especially with his dialogue, as we've seen him many times off screen embody the razz guy nature for his skits. The character's girlfriend (Nancy Isime) was even worse with her over exaggerations. I understand her character was to be posh but what was up with the whole Barbie girl behaviour and squeaky voice? It was a big put off for me. There was also a massive plot hole in the movie. He was supposedly ashamed of his girlfriend meeting his sister and maid because they spoke pidgin and bad English, yet he was okay with her meeting his loud, pidgin speaking, jazz believing brother and roommate. Double Standards much?

The best part of the movie came with the emergence of "The Agbero" and I felt he was the most convincing actor of the bunch. The twist in sub plot was funny and his performance was awesome.

All in all, I think the movie was a good watch and I wouldn't mind watching it again. It's a breathe of fresh air in the Nollywood scene but will need to do better to compete internationally. I will give this movie a 6.5/10 and add a recommendation to watch.

The Razz Guy is currently showing in Cinemas, so you can check it out and let me know what you think by sounding off in the comment section below or on Twitter or Facebook !

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  1. Gee

    Immediately I saw Lasisi’s name i started sliding back far away from the movie. He is the least funny comedian I know. Very dry jokes , Imagine to watch him dish out comedy in a movie… I will pass on this one oo

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